TEDx MICA To Break The Box In 2019

TEDx MICA To Break The Box In 2019

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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India’s oldest business school TEDx is back and has a new idea worth spreading. The grand event will be held on February 10 at the MICA campus and will see speakers from all walks of life inspiring the audience.


TEDx MICA speaks this year for all those who have a moment of doubt to those completely immersed in doubt. The event urges the audience to take cue and question the four walls of their boxed existence. The school of ideas is the perfect setting for a TED event which brings forward speakers who are extremely relatable and the prime examples of individuals who are in sync with this year’s theme “break the box”.


The event will feature actor/director Rohit Roy. He has ruled the screen for more than a decade now. He was part of popular TV shows such as ‘Des mein niklla hoga Chand’ and ‘Swabhiman’. Rohit for one was not someone to rest on his laurels. He acted across mediums and regions and also successfully donned the hat behind the camera. He directed cinematic legends Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in a short movie ‘Rice Plate’. Rohit continues to break the established paradigm and has made a successful switch to the digital medium with his thriller series ‘Memories’.


The next bigwig to join up is Abhishek Banerjee. Abhishek has impressed one and all with his screen presence on both digital content and mainstream Hindi cinema. He has a cult following amongst the younger audience and a growing diverse portfolio of work. His “break the box” moment came when he established Casting Bay with his partner Anmol Ahuja, the first casting agency for digital content. The company has pitched actors across various mediums and has now moved on to successfully cast actors in mainstream Hindi cinema as well.


The quiet superstar in this event is Tanvie Hans. This Delhi girl has put India on the footballing map and played for Premier league bigwigs such as Tottenham Hotspurs and Fulham FC. Tanvie has broken the box every day and now is back in India to make a difference at the ground level. She continues to play soccer at the amateur level and soon hopes to represent India at the global stage.


TEDx MICA has successfully synced the vision of its institution MICA and the event TED to put forward a unique event for one and all. This TEDx will inspire many in MICA and many more outside MICA to go ahead and break the box.


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