The first Business Conclave of the academic year 2018-19, organized by the Placement Committee of XIMB-XUB, took place at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar on 7th July, 2018. The topic of discussion was “Building Trust for Organizational Growth”.


This Business Conclave facilitated the congregation of scholars and practitioners, experts in their domain, to deliberate and contribute towards the importance of building trust and how it is the stimulus needed to accelerate growth regardless of the prevailing economic climate.


Mr. Amit Basu (ED (RS), ER, IOCL) was the first speaker of the day. According to him talented people and values promote organizational growth via trust amongst themselves. He also emphasized the need for congruency amongst the team leaders at an instance of disapproval. He ended his delivery by stating, “Trust is going to be the new leadership mantra in the days to come”.

Mr. Amit Basu

The next speaker was Mr. AC Ghosh (CGM (HR), ER, IOCL). He directed his speech towards the Petroleum Industry and cited relevant examples to emphasize his opinion. He stated the importance of customer feedback in building trust in any organization. He also opined that grievance redressal helps in building trust and relationship, and also adds value to the customer. “This 5 letter word will become the base of management and the new management mantra”, he quoted.


The third speaker for the day was Mr. Basant Kumar Thakur (Director (HR), NALCO). He advised the future managers in the audience to have respect for each other as well as the employees, for optimum results for the organization. He emphasized the importance of employees in any organization and stated that the HR Policies should always have the goodwill of employees as their priority. He quoted, “Trust is the lifeline and catalyst of any organizational relationship.”

Mr. Basant

Mr. Sebastian Joseph (GM (HR), NTPC Limited) was the final speaker of the day.  According to him, trust is built on the foundation stone of awareness, and that its meaning varies on the basis of different situations and contexts. He shared some valuable tips, on how to build trust in any organization, learnt from his extensive industry experience. He reiterated the fact, “Trust is the most important aspect of any organization.”


Dr. Amar KJR Nayak (Professor, XIMB; NABARD Chair Professor) served as the moderator for the event. He ended the session by sharing his perspective of Public Sector employees. He also emphasized the importance of inter-trust as well as intra-trust for an organization. This was followed by an interactive QnA session and panel discussion, with the students.


The event was successful in sharing of research and experience on the issues of building trust with organizations. The event helped to sensitize the students and all the participants on the importance of trust to leverage the growth of organizations, in the current economic scenario. This event was also successful in providing valuable insights to the participants, which would be essential for their overall development and their future endeavors.

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