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QA: Past 5 years Trend

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QA: Past 5 years Trend

This year also in CAT 2021, QA (Quantitative Ability) will be a separate section which will comprise of 34 questions with a stipulated time of 60 minutes. On behalf of 20 IIMs the test is scheduled to be conducted in November 2021.

If there is something that can upset the strong will and confidence of even the most serious CAT aspirants it would definitely be the Quantitative Ability (QA).

Let’s see past 5 years trend:

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Previous Trends

The topics of the Quantitative Ability questions in CAT have been more or less the same over the years. The broad areas are Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Number Systems, Modern Math, etc.

The following table will throw some light over the past trends of quant section:

Year  No. of Questions 

No. of Questions in
Quantitative Ability

Difficulty Level Topics
2010 75 25 Very Difficult Arithmetic , Algebra , Modern Math , Data Sufficiency
2011 90 28 Difficult Arithmetic , Algebra , Geometry
2012 60 29 Moderate Arithmetic , Number System , Algebra , Mensuration , Commercial Math
2013 60 30 Difficult Number System , Arithmetic, Algebra , Geometry , Modern Math
2014 60 30 Very Difficult Arithmetic , Algebra , Geometry , Mensuration , Number Systems , Modern Math

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If we analyze the past trend of quant section, we observe that maximum numbers of question are asked from the Arithmetic, Algebra and Number System. The other areas such as Geometry, Mensuration and Higher Math are also common but the number of questions is lower than the rest of the topics.

Hence, students should focus their revision around these topics. This will help them in scoring high percentile.

Get, Set & Go

The preparation approach to each and every section varies from student to student. Few important intricacies of each area are mentioned below:

•Arithmetic: how to 'apply' formulae
•Algebra: reading and understanding the question
•Geometry: ability to visualize
•Modern Math: your logical reasoning ability

Other important facts to focus on are speed and accuracy. They play vital role in your quant preparation and will help you score high in the Quantitative Ability part of the CAT 2021.

You can also refer to the basic preparation material available on our website for the Quantitative Ability section and then progress towards the books meant for CAT preparation. NCERT arithmetic text books from classes VIII to X are the best to strengthen your basics for Quant Problems.

You must also take a couple of speed math tests every week. You will not only remain up to date with your preparation level of the Quantitative Ability section for CAT 2021 but will also be able to excel your speed and accuracy.

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