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Ways to get most out of Practice Test while preparing for CAT'23

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Ways to get most out of Practice Test while preparing for CAT’23

Just preparing theory for any competitive exam is not always enough. The true picture of your preparation is shown by the Practice test, commonly known as Mock tests. Practice test is always a necessary part of preparation. Hence, you should have a systematic approach for these mock tests as well. Below points from Team at Mindworkzz will help you in your preparation:

Cat 2019 Preparation

Use Actual Practice Test

You shouldn’t waste time on different practice test of different exams with the same syllabi. Many students who are preparing for CAT waste their precious time in practicing papers from the internet which are of Bank/PO exam, SSC exam etc. It is the sheer wastage of time. All you need to focus on the practice test based on the CAT latest pattern only.


Find the right location

Always choose the peaceful and quiet place to give practice test. This will help you in concentrating on the test as well as you can measure the proper timing of the test also. When you are giving a test without any disturbance this will help you in focusing more on the test and generates better results.


Improve your timings

Whenever you are doing any practice test, you should focus on improving your timing also. As CAT exam is all about time management. You have to record your timing of each and every test and also try to improve it by keeping the time limit in mind. This will help in increasing your speed of solving questions and also achieve a good score.


Take as many practice test as you can

Practicing 2-3 practice test is not enough. You have to practice as much practice test as you can. It doesn’t mean that you leave your topics and just give practice papers. You must practice upto 20-30 mock test before going to give exam. This will improve your weak areas as well as build your strength area also. This will improve your score as well as time performance. Overall it will improve your CAT score.

your test papers

After giving each test review your weak areas. Check yourself where you are lagging and which topic you have to work upon. Practice more of the topic in which you are lagging before giving the next exam. When you will give the next practice test by improving the weak areas you will get an improved score for sure.

Track your progress

Keep a track of your score of each and every practice test you are giving. Maintain the track sectional wise as well as overall. This is the necessary part of the preparation as this only will guide whether you are on the right track of your preparation or not.

All the Best for the preparation

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