Tips to Remain Confident for CAT

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Assurance and confidence about your ability to appear and do well in an exam comes with its justified amount of nervousness and fear of “what if I do not do well in those 2 hours” emotion. Well, we would say, a certain level of anxiety is essential in order to keep yourself focused on your goal. However, you need to know, how much is too much?

CAT 2023 exam is one of the most sort after exam that every MBA aspirant wishes to appear for and get a good score. It is extremely important that students remain focused and confident throughout the preparation, examination and selection time. MBA Rendezvous helps you crack the code of being confident for CAT.

Start Right Start Right 

The key to remain confident and succeed is to start right from the beginning itself.  Make sure you make a timetable for your weekdays and weekends, which balance out study and recreation hours. Since most of you would be preparing while still being in the final year of college, it is important you start preparing at least 9-12 months before the CAT exam is scheduled. Having enough time in your hand to prepare will keep your confidence level intact.

Do Not DeviateDo Not Deviate  

Stick to the plan you have made. Analyze your strengths and weakness. Work equally well on each aspect. When you work on your strengths, you feel confident about all that you know. When you work on your weaknesses, you feel confident that you are gradually mastering the grey areas as well. This balancing act is very important.

Do Not Compare Do Not Compare

Since CAT is the most popular of all, it is but common that students compare themselves with what others are doing or have already completed. While a healthy competition is good, but make sure, that others do not sway you. You are your best judge. So devise a strategy that suits your skills and intelligence the best. Trust on your abilities is the key to remaining confident.

Relax Relax

It is very helpful if you incorporate a few habits like deep breathing, meditation and being physically active while preparing for your CAT exam. These help relax your muscles and mind which ultimately let you focus well on your exam. Make sure a week before the CAT exam and especially the night before, you sleep well. Calm mind is the key to stay confident.

Create Your Space Create Your Space

Make sure you have many positive things written in and around your study table or room. Create a study friendly space for yourself, which keeps reminding you of your ultimate goal – CAT 2020 Exam!

Time Your Mock Test  Time Your Mock Test 

Simulate your exam day by writing CAT mock tests. They help you judge how well you are prepared and boost your confidence. In addition, you can prepare for months, but you only get 3 hours to perform. So time yourself every time you write a mock test. Mastering the time element will definitely help your confidence stay intact.

All the best and stay confident.

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