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Critical Thinking pattern can lead you to top MBA Institute 

One of the most significant skills required for MBA is Critical Thinking. Given the nature of MBA today, and the business environment as such, candidates essentially need to base their decisions after critically analysing the relevant data, generated by observation, experience, reflection, reasoning or communication. A person who displays critical thinking pattern will be at an advantage when it comes to admission to the top MBA institutes. 

Decoding problems

The business world is fragile and extremely volatile. A business manager has to deal with a diverse range of problems and issues related to various sections of the business. Amidst this fire fighting mode, the manager needs to maintain a calm disposition and decode the problems and find solutions. Critical Thinking enables him/ her to make those decisions wisely, after considering all variables.

Critical Thinking Pattern

Critical Thinking Pattern requires an eye for detail. To make sense of the given problem, one needs to look at all the possible interpretations/ meanings of the problem, objectively analyse it and then evaluating the solutions and the implications of the solutions.  There are a number of things that an aspirant can keep in mind to think critically, such as

1. Classify- Classifying the problem in familiar sets would be the first step to critically think about the problem and make things easier.

2. Compare and Contrast- Critical Thinking also requires the individual to look at the problem closely and compare and contrast it with the other relevant objects or ideas. Comparisons are important as they bring out new layers of critical information.

3. Associations- Drawing associations or connections to real-life situations will enable the individual to understand the issue at hand better.

Ticket to top MBA institutes

So important it is to possess critical thinking that even the MBA entrance exams test it. In exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT and so on, the critical thinking abilities of the candidate is put to test. It might not be a direct section in the exam but indirectly appears in almost all questions. More importantly, once the candidate clears the entrance, this skill is put to test in the subsequent stages of the admission process of the top management institutes. The Group Discussion and Interview stages directly test the critical thinking pattern of the individual. Through tricky questions and situations, many of which are linked to real life, the individual’s ability to analyse critically and in depth are evaluated. Top MBA institutes value this ability while admitting aspirants.

A critical thinker would be able to decipher even complex thoughts/ problems/ ideas and make objective decisions and problem solving is one of the key component of MBA. Thus, it is a skill that aspirants need to possess to be able to make it to the top MBA institutes.

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