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4 Critical points for Critical Reasoning in MBA Entrance Exams


An integral part of an MBA entrance exam is Critical Reasoning. Critical reasoning is a high order skill that requires an analysis, synthesis, evaluation of information, gathered by observation or experience. In the exam, as in life itself, critical thinking is essential to make sense of events. In this sense, the word ‘critical’ is not to be understood as negative but an important process of unravelling the meaning and impact of an issue and analysing it in detail. 

The importance of critical reasoning lies in the fact that it asks you to think about an issue in depth and decide the best course of action.Critical thinking abilities are essential to solve questions, which test a candidate’s ability to think rationally, in an MBA entrance exam. The following points will help you enhance your critical reasoning abilities.

1. Read carefully

Critical Reasoning begins with the question. Your ability to grasp and comprehend each word of the question will determine whether you will be able to think about it critically or not. So, read each word of the question carefully and decipher what it wants you to do.

2. Identify the question

Once you have read the question carefully, the next step is to identify the type of question given. There are various types of questions that require critical reasoning such as, strengthening or weakening the argument, strengthening or weakening the conclusion, finding the assumption and drawing an inference. It is important that you become familiar with terms such as premise, argument, conclusion and assumptions and ways to identify them. For instance, a premise usually begin with ‘if’, ‘once’, ‘because’ and so one. With enough prior practice of each type of questions, you will be able to understand what is required in them and tackle them accordingly. Also, try to make links between the ideas in the statement and answers.

3. Simplify

Breaking down the information given in the question into simpler forms that you understand helps in critically deciphering the meaning of the statement. It is critical because your answer will depend on the correct interpretation of the question. This will also enable you to point out the main idea in the question and ignore the unnecessary part.

4. Eliminate

After having looked and understood the question and its demands critically, it is time to look at the answer choices given. A critical mind will look at the appropriateness of each option carefully and eliminate the ones which are absolutely incorrect. Out of all the seemingly correct choices, he/she will pick the best option that satisfies the question, based on the premise that the correct answer must always be true.  

Critical reasoning is essentially a test of your mind to think rationally, to comprehend and analyse the given statement and reach a conclusion based on your understanding. It is critical that you learn how to tackle such questions if you want to do well in the MBA entrance exams.

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