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Gaining value is more important than achieving success

Gaining value is more important than achieving success

Gaining value is more important than achieving success

MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on:  

"Gaining value is more important than achieving success"

Arthur Ashe, a professional tennis player, once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more often important than the outcome.” Similarly, when you embark on a mission or start a task, you gain experience, which adds value to your existing knowledge. Even if one is not successful at completing a task, it does not mean that he is a failure. One learns more from failures than successes. 

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Harry Callahan, a famous photographer, said experience is the best teacher. According to him, “Since there are no guarantees that one will become an artist, the journey is what matters the most.” Not everyone hits a jackpot on his first attempt. Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, did not become a successful businessman overnight. Despite all the challenges in the corporate arena and the setbacks, he rose to the challenge, learnt from his mistakes, gained value and knowledge, and moved forward in life. It is because he learnt from his mistakes that he managed to attain success. If he had given up in the midst of his journey, we would not have software applications that make our lives so easy.

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Everyone aims to be successful, but that does not mean that one becomes ignorant and oblivious to other things in the path he is treading on. The public does not look down on those who are unsuccessful. In fact, the public admires those who are determined and are unwilling to give up despite the harsh realities of life. What is success? It is not the outcome of a task; it is what you learn from your experiences, share with your kith and kin, and give back to the society.

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Never judge a person by his accomplishments or awards. Always take a step back to understand his efforts and determination in reaching his goal. With a goal in mind, one should be focused and ready for setbacks that may come in life. Whatever the course of the journey may be, the important thing is to gain value instead of running towards success. Once you gain value, success will automatically follow. 

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