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Is animal testing necessary?

Is animal testing necessary?

Over the last few decades, the scientists and doctors have developed ways to test products or medicines over the animals. Whenever the doctors or scientists come up with a cure for something, they try the medicine or the concerned product over the animals first.  The product is tested on a number of different animals and only when it does not cause any reaction in them or prove to be helpful, the medicines or products are released for human usage. Apart from just the medical experiments, many other kind of physical or psychological experiments are also conducted on animals.  

Over the years, the different groups of people have either supported or criticized this system of animal testing. Each group has arguments that they put forward to prove themselves right. However, the opinion of the world in general is divided on whether the animal testing is right or wrong? Whether animals should be made the escape goats for the advantage of human race?
The article will present both the view in support of animal testing and counter argument for it. In the end, it is for you to decide what your stand should be on the matter. 
According to people who do not support animal testing:
A major class of people stands rightfully against animal testing. According to them, it is an acute injustice being done to the animal. These people say that if the lives of the humans are important, then the life of an animal is equally important. Just because the humans are the superior species here, it does not mean that they can consider the lives of others as being mere or trifle. There are many organizations that work to stop animal testing. They conduct protest march; create advertisement, release statement, all in disfavor of animal testing. There are so many organizations like the PETA (People for ethical treatment of animal) or the PFA (People for animal) etc. which are strictly against animal testing and have been trying to make it unlawful in many countries. They have succeeded in some places and at some levels and they are still trying. There are so many celebrities who openly criticize animal testing. 
According to people who support animal testing: 
People who support animal testing look at it in an unemotional light. They say that animal testing should be done because it is important to create right drugs and medicines to save the lives of humans. They believe that if the humans are the superior species and they have the power to dominate over other life forms, they should dominate them and use them when it is required. The category of people who support animal testing state that it is the law of nature that the mightier one dominates over those who are below them. For instance, if a lion is a given a chance, would he leave the deer?  Or rather, if provided a chance, would he not satiate his hunger by preying even on a human? The answer is yes. A lion would definitely eat a human to survive. 
Thus, these people state that animal testing should not be banned. If it is required that a product be tested upon animals so that it can go on to save the lives of many more humans, it should, actually be tested upon the animals. 
The middle path: 
While there are some people who are against animal testing in any form, there are others who believe that animal testing is actually a necessity. However, they also understand that since the act is cruel to animals, animal testing should be used in only extremely needed cases and in such ways that they do harm as less animals as possible. These people have proposed three ways by which animal testing can be made an exercise only conducted in necessity: 
1.These people state that animal testing should be taken to in only the conditions where it is an absolute necessity. If there is any other possible way or method by which the efficiency of a product can be tested, that particular method should be adopted instead of the animal testing. 
2.The second thing that these people propose is that animal testing should be done in a way that it harms as many less animals as is possible. When animal testing is done, the same samples are tested on a number of different animals. The fact is that this can be avoided if the samples are tested on fewer animals. 
3.Lastly, these people say that any kind of neglect or carelessness that can lead to unnecessary death of any animal should be completely avoided. In fact, there should be strict rules to guide animal testing. 
Every person has a different perspective on varied things. While someone else may find animal testing to be a completely fair means of surviving; to you, it may seem like the cruelest thing on the part of the man. It is for you to decide where you stand. If you think animal testing is wrong, you can join one of those organizations that work to protect the animals and work with them to save the animals in future. However, if you believe human life is far more important than anything else and should be given utmost priority, you can vote in favor of animal testing. And if you wish to take the middle path, fight for the three Rs- reduction, replacement and refinement. 
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