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Never compete with someone who has nothing to lose

Never compete with someone who has nothing to lose
MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on:  
"Never compete with someone who has nothing to lose"
Baltasar Gracian, a Spanish philosopher, once said, “Never compete with someone who has nothing to lose”. It is true that if you compete with someone who has nothing to lose, you are sure to be defeated in that race. A person who has nothing to lose has no fear. 
Let us take an example of a man who has no kith and kin, and minimum savings. He literally has nothing to lose. He just has sufficient money for survival. So, the burning desire inside of him to earn more, to take risks in life, and make it big will be more than someone who has sufficient savings. 
Only a person who has nothing or very little to lose can take risks in life, and that is the person who comes out a winner in the fight for survival. People who start their own business take huge risks in life. And only the people who have bare minimal resources to survive can take such risks because he has nothing left to lose, but instead, has something to gain.
Someone who has worked hard and saved every penny will not be ready to risk losing his money. Hence, it is worthless to fight or compete with someone who is not at a risk of losing anything.
People who have nothing to lose are hungry for success, and they do not stop till they get what they want. In a boxing ring, a person without any family or friends will be ready to endure any suffering and will fight till his last breath. However, a boxer with a family and friends will take calculated steps to ensure that he emerges safe from the competition. To him, safety will be of a higher priority as compared to winning.
So, it is true that only those who have little or nothing to lose emerge winners in a competition because they don’t stand to gain anything from losing – ‘it is either do or die’. 

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