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Published : Wednesday, 1 February , 2017 10:30 AM

Confidence factor can take you to pinnacle

A confident man may fall short of scaling the summit but he will always believe that he will do it the next time whereas a diffident person will not even try. Success in any field of life is largely dependent on confidence. If it were not for confidence, Bill Gates wouldn't have dropped out of college to found Microsoft, NarenderModi wouldn't have become the Prime Minister of India, M S Dhoni wouldn't take those risks on the field. It is their uncanny quality of backing themselves and their unshakable confidence that has led them to the pinnacle. 

Confidence is most crucial to the fortunes of an aspirant facing the interview. It is a quality that every aspirant should possess. A confident person comes across as positive, reliable, genuine, focused and in control, traits which are considered valuable by the interviewers.

Confidence is an attitude

Attitude is defined as the way you think or feel about someone or something that reflects your state of mind. Confidence is a state of mind. It is the belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. In a PI, where attitude plays an important role in influencing the decision of the interviewers, confidence can tilt the balance in your favour. A confident person will be perceived as a 'go-getter' and one who is more likely to face and overcome challenges easily.

Confidence comes from Self-Belief and Pride

Self-belief and pride in oneself are two pillars of confidence. Having belief in your abilities and a sense of pride about who you are and your achievements provide a sense of comfort, happiness and security, all essential to feel confident.

Confidence inspires confidence

Confident people inspire confidence in other people.  If you don't believe in yourself, nobody will. You cannot convince the interviewers that you are a deserving candidate and possess all the qualities necessary to succeed, if you are not convinced about the same yourself. In today's inter-linked world, where perception counts for a lot, being a shy, reserved, lazy person can, certainly, restrict your growth. All successful people have the quality of evoking confidence among people around them, which begins from their own self.  In PI, too, you need to inspire confidence in the panellists, only then will they select you.

Ways of expressing confidence

In an interview, confidence can be expressed through verbal language, body language and gestures. Having clarity of thought, speaking without fumbling, showing keenness, answering questions effectively, being honest, maintaining eye contact, sitting straight, controlling your hand movements, avoiding unnecessary gestures and so on reveal that the candidate is confident.

Confidence can be inculcated

Confidence can be inculcated over a period of time. A conscious effort to develop confidence is required. To build confidence, it is imperative that you feel good about yourself, take pride in your achievements, know your strengths and weaknesses, feel optimistic, set small and realistic targets for yourself, and achieve them, keep learning new things and be humble.

Confidence can take you to pinnacle

"Confidence comes naturally with success but success comes only to those who are confident." Confidence is that quality which distinguishes winners from the crowd. A confident person will create more opportunities and find more ways of succeeding. Confidence can also be used as a veil to hide nervousness and anxiety and trick your mind into believing that you are not nervous or anxious and that you have it in you to succeed. It is, then, not an exaggeration to say that confidence is an essential requirement for you to be successful and take you to the pinnacle.
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