Hard work embedded with smart work leads to success

Hard work embedded with smart work leads to success

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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It is common knowledge that hard work is the key to success. To succeed in life and achieve results, the significance of hard work cannot be over emphasised. Hard work is that crucial thing which translates aspirations and dreams into reality. But in the dynamic world of today, people are finding different ways of reaching the goal and are bypassing the conventional path which required intensive hard work. The young generation believes in smart work and knows what it wants from life and also, how to get there.

A. In life, nothing can be done without working hard. Each one of us remembers toiling hard before the exams to get good scores or burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline. We did this because we realised the value of putting in that extra effort because we cherish the dreams and aspirations that we set for ourselves and want to achieve them at any cost.

B. Those not willing to work hard are lazy. Such people shirk all work given to them and lose out on opportunities that others grab. Their aspirations, too, lie within their comfort zones. They don’t like testing themselves too much and are happy allowing things to happen to them, rather than being proactive. Laziness is not an option for the present generation as they aspire for greater things and are willing to work hard it.

C. But the world is changing. The demands of the changing world require hard work as well as smart work. The young generation of today are changing the rules of the game. They believe in smart work. They believe in extracting the maximum out of each moment. Since life is to be lived only once, the youth is putting in the hard yards but in a smart manner, such that there is enough time to pursue other interests. Nobody wants to slog hard throughout their lives and miss out on life. Enjoying life is as important as work for the present generation.

D. Smart work is the answer to today’s fast-paced and competitive world. I think a balance of hard work and smart work needs to be struck in order to succeed in today’s times. No point working hard on everything in life. The effort can be used judiciously in focusing on tasks that have a long term impact. Many people work hard but not all become successful. A smart worker balances his/her life well, utilizes time effectively, and finds innovative solutions to problems.

E. True. I think technology has made a big difference. The continuous technological advancements have made life simpler. The task that required effort can now be done at the click of the mouse. Technology has helped in a big way to reduce efforts and time and enable one to make smart choices. For instance, visiting a bank seemed to be a dreadful thought, but now, nearly all banking facilities are available on your smart phones.

F. Working hard may not prove to be enough. It can also consume a lot of time and take a toll on your health. On the other hand, a smart worker knows what to do, how to do, when to do and where to do efforts to accomplish a task. It results in more focus and streamlining of things.

Hard work is no more a guarantee for success. One needs to be smart in terms of rationalising one’s efforts, using time effectively, being aware and clear about one’s goals and ways of reaching it. Therefore, in these times, hard work embedded with smart work, will lead you closer to success and a quality life.

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