Advantages and Disadvantages of Article 370

Advantages and Disadvantages of Article 370

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The abrogation of Article 370 by the present-day Modi Government has divided the country. Some are for it and some against. With the Article 370 being scrapped, J&K will not enjoy any special status and the Indian constitution will be applicable to all its residents from now. Right to Information & Right to Education will be applicable and minorities in the region will l enjoy 16% reservations. Also, women from J&K can still retain their rights and citizenship even if they marry someone outside the state.  While a certain sect is happy with these implications, many consider it as a threat to human rights and the Indian Democracy.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of repealing Article 370 and Article 35A.

Advantages of Scrapping Article 370

Disadvantages of Scrapping Article 370

Attempts to unite Kashmir with other states of India.

Instilled insecurity in the locals as they have to give away their dual citizenship

Propagates One Nation One Constitution Slogan

Kashmiri Muslims feel it threatens the state’s unity and integrity

Open doors for growth and development in the valley

Add on to the political vulnerability and instability in the Valley

Private investors can invest and boost the economy of the state

Hampers the delicate relationship with Pakistan. It is like a nail in the coffin

Better medical and education facilities can be provided to the residents of the Valley

Implants the seeds of insecurity in certain section of citizens.

Central government can curb corruption since it is a UT now.

The implementation of the abrogation of Article 370 is a threat to the democracy. It is an attempt to polarize and appease the Hindu population in the valley.

Authorities are in a better position to curb terrorism and instill peace in the Valley

Safety of Kashmiri girls is questioned. Certain Hindu fascists have threatened to marry girls of the region. This is outrightly sexist.

The advantages and disadvantages can be subjective. We expect reader’s discretion.

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