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Will nullification of Article 370 proven to be beneficial for Jammu & Kashmir?

Will nullification of Article 370 proven to be beneficial for Jammu & Kashmir?

Before we start the group discussion we need to understand about Article 370. This article has given special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Under Article 370 the residents of Jammu & Kashmir had separate laws including citizenship, fundamental rights and ownership of property. Top of all the Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties as mentioned in the Constitution of India were not applicable to Jammu & Kashmir, thereby it had autonomous state power.

The present government has taken the initiative to remove Article 370 and the bill was passed by both the Houses of Parliament i.e. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Right from 5th of August, 2019, the issue of removing Article 370 has created furore among opposition parties and claims and the counterclaims are reported in the media for the overall picture of Jammu & Kashmir.

Let's start the debate –

For Article 370

It has been claimed that we have one Constitution of India and that should be applicable to all states including Jammu & Kashmir and this sentiment are prevailing among all citizens of India with this removal of Article 370, the private sector and companies will be able to invest in Jammu & Kashmir. Thus it will boost the economy of Jammu & Kashmir.

There can be immense opportunities to create jobs and the tourism of Jammu & Kashmir can reach its peak. Besides, the centre will be looking after the law and order of Jammu & Kashmir, the citizens of the state are likely to get better medical facilities.

The most important and crucial point is the terrorism can be controlled under the hawk eye of the central forces.

Another likely crucial benefit would be that Jammu & Kashmir including Ladhak will be divided into Union Territories and as a State. This will help the administration to control the situations in the most volatile border states.

The chances are high that the citizens of different states will mingle up with the locals of Jammu & Kashmir and all will sail in the same string.

Against article 370

Unfortunately, our neighbour country is making hue and cries against Article 370 and the pretext of being Kashmiri Muslims. Hence very small population demotivated and get on to wrong practices for going against and indulge in anti-national activities. That is the reason at present both India and Pakistan are at loggerheads.

The impact of the other ways that certain section of the Jammu & Kashmir society feels that something has been taken away from them which was the birthright for them. While there is no understanding of the Constitution of India.

If we have to conclude the above group discussion then we need to say that Article 370 can yield more benefits to the state of Jammu & Kashmir and the time is not far away when Kashmir will be known as Switzerland of India.

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