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Are you planning to set foot in JP Morgan?

Are you planning to set foot in JP Morgan?
MBA Aspirants positively think & dream to join some company but it is good to have understanding of specific industry and company. 
Are you planning to set foot in JP Morgan? 
JP Morgan is one of the most reputed organisations in the world, offering financial services to clients in more than 100 countries. It has been in this business for more than 200 years and has developed its core strengths in asset management, commercial banking, investment banking and private banking. 
Many MBA graduates aspire to be a part of the JP Morgan family because of the career growth and incentives offered by the company. However, getting into JP Morgan is a challenge in itself. 
MBA graduates are required to clear entrance exams and several rounds of interviews before they qualify for the position of a consultant with JP Morgan. 
JP Morgan has strict criteria for its employees because it is a firm believer of quality and gives utmost importance to an employee’s interpersonal skills, decision making skills, analytical skills and communication skills. All these skills are tested in the interviews and other entrance exams.
In addition, MBA graduates planning to set foot in JP Morgan should prepare well for case studies. As a consultant, you will be required to understand clients’ problems and provide appropriate advice and solutions for the growth of their organisations.
During the interview, case studies will be given to you to test how you handle clients’ problems and address the corporate issues. During your MBA, you will be taught how to make rational decisions for the benefit of the organisation, and convince relevant stakeholders on the suggestions that will enhance the productivity of the organisation. 
These are the skills that are tested during an interview and put to practice upon your employment at JP Morgan as a consultant.
JP Morgan provides consultancy and financial services to a number of sectors, including education, banking and finance, government, telecommunications, media, and healthcare.
In the purview of asset management, consultants at JP Morgan are required to understand the needs of a client, in terms of the management of equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, and cash liquidity. 
Apart from providing advice on investments, consultants are required to study the financial health of a company and provide customised solutions for the benefit of the organisation.
Every company is keen on increasing its revenue and enhancing productivity. However, those within a company find it difficult to find loopholes or problems in their corporate system and culture, and provide an unbiased viewpoint, which is why third parties, such as consultants from JP Morgan, are invited and brought into other firms to identify problems and areas that may be hindering the growth of the company. 
Consultants are required to understand the operations of a company and do in-depth analysis of the corporate culture and financial background of the company. After that, consultants at JP Morgan have regular discussions with clients to understand their needs and requirements. Based on the needs, consultants provide advice and suggestions that help clients achieve their goals and objectives.
Apart from possessing technical expertise, consultants at JP Morgan have exceptional interpersonal skills, which is why clients are able to establish trust with the consultants. This is how JP Morgan gets repeat businesses from clients, and it is the secret to JP Morgan’s success in the last two centuries.
Maintaining relationships with clients and providing value added services are important in securing deals, which JP Morgan develops in every consultant and ensures that he/she lives up to the age-old corporate values.
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