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NIVEA-The brand story

NIVEA-The brand story
Few established Brands have been motivating consumers emotionally thus have become personified. MBA aspirants are expected to know the success story of brands. 
This general awareness article on a growth story of ‘Nivea’ might help you know the brand story of ‘Nivea’ 
Nivea is owned by Beiersdorf, a German company. The brand is dedicates to skin and body care products of all kind. Carl Paul Beiersdorf was the pharmacist who founded this brand on March 28, 1882. This German brand rules the India skin care market by the name of Nivea India Pvt. Ltd. The brand is a popular one existing from 40 years but the subsidiary was formed in 2006 only. 
Name: Nivea comes from Latin Language meaning ‘snow-white’. The name does justice to the idea of beautiful skin, that the brand propagates though its products.
Logo: The original logo of Nivea was replaced by a simple blue and white logo with the brand name in 1925. The color combination suggests particular meaning for each color. The blue signifies sympathy, harmony, friendship and loyalty. The white signifies external cleanliness as well as inner purity and blue and white together indicates honest and appealing brand.
Products: The brand presents itself a skin care solution for both men and women. It has a wide range of products that serve various segments of skin care market. For instance it has body care products, sun care products, hand care products, men’s face wash, female face care products, talc and deodorants, shower soaps and body wash and lip care. 
Target Market: Nivea caters to wide market that includes people of almost all age groups.
Motive: Nivea single point agenda is to be the world’s no.1 skin and body care brand through its wide range of products. The brand takes constant initiatives to be a brand that delivers its customers superior, high quality and innovative products. 
The strategy: To capture large target audience the brand has played smart by introducing product variants so that they can tap every consumer in any corner of the world. 
Core Values: Nivea has also established itself a brand with hardcore value that are not compromised at any cost. The brand is known for not using animal fat in its products. The products developed are made of natural ingredients.  The Nivea Crème tin is 100% recyclable, the brand uses environment friendly processes to source its raw ingredients and even its packaging is designed to save resources.
Promotions: Nivea has been strong when it comes to advertising. The brand has always tried to connect to its consumers through emotional approach rather than being pushy. The brand priority in its ad campaigns is to be presented as a brand that that helps you in keeping young, attractive, energetic and sympathetic. 
Strengths: Nivea has established itself as a strong brand in skin and body care products by strategic planning. The brand has wide range of products that cater to needs of both men and women of all age group. The brand has presented itself as one that offers care, mildness, reliability, gentleness, protection, high quality and feel good products. Nivea is truly a global product and everywhere the products and quality standard are same. 
Socially responsible: Nivea also connects with its communities and goes beyond being just a commercial company. The brand has a co-operation named ‘We care and connect’ that helps providing education to unprivileged children and youth. The co-operation is a joint association of Nivea and Plan International. 
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