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How should you attempt RC (Reading Comprehension)?

How should you attempt Reading Comprehension | MBARendezvous


How should you attempt RC (Reading Comprehension)?

Reading is in itself a good habit to inculcate. It is that skill which enables all other skills involved in acquiring a language. Reading in a particular language improves your vocabulary, writing skills, pronunciation, spellings, grammar, as well as, imagination. Besides increasing awareness and knowledge, a good reading habit will enhance your chances of cracking the MBA entrance exam, as you will be able to exploit the Reading Comprehension (RC) section and also be better equipped to tackle the Verbal Ability (VA) section itself.

Given that an MBA entrance exam is a timed exam which puts a lot of pressure on the candidates, each second is crucial. If the aspirant takes too long to read the passages, he/she will lose out on precious time for other questions. Therefore, an MBA aspirant should be able to able to go through the passage quickly and process the information or issues presented in the passage precisely. This is a skill that can only come with practice and some strategies.

1. Read quickly

Reading the passages quickly is the foremost requirement for attempting the Reading 
Comprehension. You need to train yourself to skim through the passage, keeping an eye on the key words used in the passage, as well as, pointing out the essence of the passage. Doing this while keeping in mind the questions that have been asked, will help you reduce the time considerably.

2. Build your vocabulary

A decent vocabulary is a prerequisite for attempting the reading section as swiftly as possible. Difficult words can obstruct the speed of your reading and understanding of the passage, hence, knowing their meanings will aid your comprehension.

3. Focus

Maintaining your focus through the passage is crucial. The pressures of writing an MBA entrance is huge, so to shut out all anxieties and focus only on the task at hand is a skill that you need to master. Also, reading comprehension is complex and can be confusing at times. In such situations, keeping your focus intact and knowing which part or words of the passage to particularly focus on will help.

4. Time Management

How you manage your time will decide if you finish the paper to your satisfaction or end up leaving a few questions. The reading section, for its unpredictability and complexity, can consume a lot of your time. So, the trick is to not spend too much time thinking about a single question and instead finish the other questions.

5. Develop a method

Develop a method of solving a comprehension. This method will vary from person to person. Some people tend to mark the answers or important points in the passage with a pencil while reading, some remember them in their minds while some make brief notes. Do whatever works for you best.

6. Practice

Practicing reading comprehension regularly before the final exam will prepare your mind to focus on important areas and attempt the section in as little time as possible. 

There is no one strategy to attempt the Reading Comprehension. Whichever strategy saves time and makes you feel comfortable is the best.

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