Tips for Reading Comprehension Combination

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Tips for Reading Comprehension Combination

Tips for Reading Comprehension Combination

CAT 2021 will be held on 28th November 2021, and focused aspirants like you are preparing for exam. But you need to maintain enthusiasm to achieve mission CAT. 

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Reading comprehension, also known as RC, is a section in the CAT which requires students to read quickly, comprehend the information, analyze the data and take good decisions.Tips for Reading Comprehension (RC)

  • If we had the luxury of time, we would be able to crack the RC section easily; however, given the time constraint, we should keep in mind certain tips and tricks that will help us ace the RC.
  • After reading a passage, one should make a mental note of the main idea. An author usually introduces an idea in the first paragraph and concludes the discussion in the last paragraph. 
  • If you have difficulty locating the main idea in the passage, you should read the first and last paragraphs to understand the main concept. 
  • At times, you will be asked to state the profession of the author. You may be given a few choices like the author being a journalist, professor or a teacher.
  • You can answer the question once you understand the tone of the passage. For example, if the passage revolves around certain views on an academic subject, the passage could have been written by a professor. 
  • On the other hand, if the passage has an unbiased tone, it could have been written by a journalist, since a journalist is required to eliminate the element of bias from the subject matter.
  • Passages in CAT are extracts of longer text, and you may be required to choose appropriate titles for them. Titles of passages should not be too vague or too specific. 
  • The title should essentially throw light on a theme that is consistent with the passage. Some questions require the student to pick a tone employed by the writer.
  • Read the passage thoroughly and understand if the author is being sarcastic, neutral, authoritative or prescriptive. 
  • The aforementioned types of questions are indirect questions that require students to read between the lines. 
  • The direct questions in the RC are the easiest to score, and in order to answer them correctly, you should pay attention to details in the passage.

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