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Write a Para Daily To Develop Language Skills

How to enhance Language skills | tips for improving your Language skills | Tips for MBA entrance exams

Language skills are not easy to come by. The process to acquire any language begins in the childhood and goes on till the very end. Language is something that cannot be crammed, it can only be acquired through regular practice. One can acquire a language consciously and unconsciously, if one remains keenly observant. Classroom teaching, written material on that language, listening to audio clips in that language are all conscious attempts to master that language. But, in day- to- day life, there are innumerable occasions which provide a platform for unconscious acquisition of a language. You might not intentionally be looking to learn at the moment when some word, phrase, a casual remark or an expression that you have never heard before gets registered in your mind and enhances your language skills.

Writing regularly is one good way to improve your language skills.

1. Connect with the language

Writing regularly helps you engage with the language in its purest form, away from the slangs and informal expressions that enter into a language over time. Writing is a formal form of expression, which not only gives you a platform to express your thoughts but do so in a refined manner after thinking about the words and expressions carefully to match your thoughts precisely.

2. Start small

The best way to master a language is by taking small steps in the right direction. Instead of thinking that it’s possible to do everything at one go, taking small steps towards that goal is the more realistic option. For instance, write a paragraph every day to begin with. Make sure that the paragraph is error free, try to capture your thoughts precisely and use good vocabulary to make it effective. Gradually, move to expressing yourself more elaborately and include the knowledge you acquire in your writings. You will, surely, see the difference in your language skills.

3. Know what you think

It is very important to know what goes on in your mind, to be aware of your thoughts and it’s even more important to equip yourself with the requisite means to capture your thoughts precisely. Language certainly helps you achieve that. Writing, for one, is a good medium to capture your thoughts. The fact that writing gives you time to think and struggle with words and language, contrary to speaking, which is more spontaneous and instant, it is an excellent exercise to develop language skills.


4. Time

Language acquisition does not happen overnight, it takes consistent effort and strong will on the part of a person to master a language. The more you are ready to work on improving your language, the better you will become at it. Writing, itself is a time-consuming process, because of which, a lot of people don’t actually take the pains to do it. There are people who are good orators but make elementary errors of spellings and sentence construction when they write. The benefits of writing regularly are immense.

There is no substitute for writing, when it comes to developing language skills. It is a medium to practise what you learn and should be taken seriously.

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