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IIFT 2022 - Relevant Check Points

Key points for cracking IIFT exam, IIFT Exam, IIFT 2022, Relevant Check Points

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) will be conducted in December 2022 at 20 cities across India for admission to its MBA-IB (MBA in International Business) program at IIFT New Delhi & IIFT Kolkata.

Key points to be kept in mind by MBA Aspirants to avoid last minute blunders are mentioned below :

The answer which seems to be the obvious answer is the wrong answer. Mostly such answers are mentioned to confuse you. Every question will take its own time to resolve. So be careful.Some general stuff needs to be remembered except the Mock Tests and IIFT Study Material to get a higher score in IIFT 2022.

  • All questions are important and should be invested some amount of time. So handle the questions practically, don’t get emotional with any of the questions. If you are unable to get to the answer of any question and feel it is difficult, try and eliminate at least one answer, guess and go ahead with other questions if you are not confident about it.
  • Do not lose track of time, some questions take more time to solve, so it is better to recognize these questions. While practicing mock tests try and analyse how long do you take to solve each question. This will help you develop aninternal clock that will help you meet the time requirement of the exam.
  • Compare the answer options and discard. Especially in reading comprehension section this will be beneficial. There will be a perfect answer to the question but it may not appear as one of the options. You need to choose the best answer available. Start discarding the options and come down to two options by eliminating the ones that are distinctly different from these two.
  • You should know all the short cuts of solving questions, but should be applied only if you are unable to solve the question with the regular method.
  • IIFT is a test of your nerves as well. There are so many brilliant students that score less in the actual exam when compared to the mock tests. This is due to anxiety that they have during exam. Be cool and attempt your test.

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