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April 05, 2018

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Expert Analysis Of Last Year Exam

Published : Tuesday, 10 March, 2015 11:17 AM
MBA aspirants, who will be appearing in MAH CET with two day window of exam on 14th to 15th March, 2015 may Study following analysis of last year exam:
Q Nos Area Type of Question Level of Difficulty
1   Verbal Reasoning Small passage and inference on that Difficult
2 to 5 Verbal reasoning Passage + 5 statements + Effect, Conclusion, Weakening , Substantiate Easy
6 to10 Analytical Reasoning Number Series ( Two Rows) Moderate
11 to 17 Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension Easy
18 to 20 Quantitative Ability HCF, P& C and Geometry Moderate
21 to 22 Data Sufficiency Quant based DS with two statements Moderate
23 Quantitative Ability Question on Arithmetic Progression Difficult
24 to 27  Verbal Reasoning Passage + 5 statements + Apprehension, assumption , Weakening , Course of action,  Moderate
28 to 33 Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension Moderate
34 to 39 Quantitative Ability Quantitative Comparison Moderate
40 to 45 Analytical Reasoning Deductions Easy
46 to 57 Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension: View and counter-view Moderate
58 to 66 Quantitative Ability Geometry, Mensuration, Numbers, Ages, Partnership, SI, Equations Moderate
67 to 71 Non-verbal      Reasoning Analogy Easy
72 Verbal Reasoning Weakening the Argument Moderate
73 Verbal Reasoning Inference Moderate
74 to 75 Quantitative Ability Geometry : Circle inscribed in a square Moderate
76 to 77 Quantitative Ability Geometry : Pythagoras Theorem Easy
78 to 82 Non-verbal Reasoning Series : Five Fig series - Find missing fig. Moderate
83 to 92 Verbal Ability Cloze Passage Easy
93 to 97 Data Interpretation Line Graph : Expenditure on Arms by different countries Easy
98 to 105 Analytical Puzzles Circular Arrangement : Arrangement and blood Relations Difficult
106 to 108 Verbal Ability Insert the missing sentence Moderate
109 to 113 Non-verbal Reasoning Odd man out : Dissimilar Pair Easy
114 to 118  Data Interpretation Table : Scores of students in QA, Verbal, Reasoning and Cut off Very Easy
119 to 125 Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension Moderate
126 to 132 Analytical Puzzles Car Parking Difficult
133 to 137 Non Venal Reasoning Series : Five Figure series - find next Figure Moderate
138 to 145 Verbal Ability Assumption, Cause, Inference Easy
146 to 147 Analytical Puzzles Arranging Students according their weights Easy
148 to 152 Data Interpretation Table : Income and Exp of Four Families for Jan, Feb and March Easy
153 to 155 Analytical Puzzles Circular Arrangement Difficult
156 to 157 Analytical Reasoning Direction Sense Easy
158 to 160 Data Sufficiency Logic based DS with two statements Easy
161 to 165 Verbal Ability Error Spotting Easy
166 to 170 Analytical Reasoning Coding Easy
171 to 175 Non-verbal Reasoning Series : Five Fig series - Find next Fig Moderate
176 to 180 Data Interpretation Pi Charts : Contribution of Industrial sectors to GDP in 2008 and 2009 Difficult
181 to 185 Analytical Puzzles Seven people owing seven floors and six Business Houses Easy
186 to 191 Analytical Reasoning Input and Output Moderate
192 to 195 Analytical Puzzles Five people going for industrial visit in a week from Mon to Sun Easy
196  Analytical Reasoning Formation of a word from selected letters of the word Moderate
197 to 199 Analytical Reasoning Odd Man Out from given Five words Easy
200   Analytical Reasoning  Analogy : Words Easy

Important on Exam
•   Total Number of Questions  : 200
•  Total Time allotted  : 150 minutes
No. of Choices per question  : 5 choices
Negative Marks  : No Negative Marks
Number of Sections  : No sections – jumbled paper

 Area-wise Analysis:
AREA  No. Of Questions
Analytical Puzzles 30
Analytical Reasoning 28
Data Interpretation 20
Data Sufficiency 5
Non Verbal Reasoning 25
Quantitative Ability : Pure Math 18
Quantitative Comparison 5
Reading Comprehension 32
Verbal Ability 18
Verbal Reasoning 19

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