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Published : Monday, 09 May, 2016 10:45 AM

MBA makes you employable globally

As CAT 2016 is approaching soon, hence MBA Rendezvous Presents the Importance of MBA Globally.

The Master of Business Administration has traditionally been a popular course for students, whether they are interested in business and management at the time of enrolment or not, the certainty of finding employment after the course has been alluring students to take the plunge.

MBA is designed to train students in various aspects of business, such as finance, human resource and marketing, which facilitates a new outlook and imparts a broader perspective of the business or corporate world. For youngsters willing to join a business house, work for a Multi-National Company or start their own businesses, an MBA degree not only gives them an in-depth understanding of how business and management works but also gives them a head start in life, as they are able to find jobs, not only in India but globally. This is because an MBA degree is accepted and valued across the world.

Management is something that is a vital part of all organisations-big or small across the world. 

The skills that an MBA graduate acquires includes management, leadership qualities, teamwork, the spirit to take risks, experiment and adapt to new cultures, places or situations. This opens a plethora of employment opportunities for them ranging from financial management, consultants to analysts, insurance advisor, IT sector, healthcare, construction management and many others. An MBA degree, thus, becomes a ticket to an exciting career.

Several internationally reputed organisations such as J P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, P&G, McKinsey, Microsoft, Deloitte, Facebook, Barclays, Citi Bank and others have making a beeline for various business schools of India during the annual placement drives in these schools, offering excellent pay packages. For instance, the India Institute of Management Ahmedabad received the highest international package at approximately Rs 1.38 crore for its post graduate programme for executives, the domestic package stood at Rs 54.55 lakhs in 2015. The average salary in premium business schools of India in 2014, for instance, Rs 16.18 lakhs in FMS Delhi, Rs 16.25 lakhs in XLRI Jamshedpur, Rs 12.49 lakhs in IIM Shillong, reveal why MBA is one of the most popular courses for students.

Placement Report for few of the MBA Institutes:




Highest CTC - 30 LPA

Average CTC - 17.09 LPA




Highest domestic offer this year was a Pre Placement Offer with a potential CTC of Rs 21 Lacs.



The highest salary offered on campus also spiked by 25% to Rs. 37 lakhs per annum

Average Salary 19.3 LPA




Highest Indian Package - Rs 12.00 Lacs P.A.

Highest Foreign Package - Rs 26.00 Lacs P.A.

Average Package - Rs 7.35 Lacs P.A



Highest Offered CTC - Rs 21.17 lakhs(As on 27th March 2016) 

Average Offered CTC - Rs 10.47 lakhs(As on 27th March 2016)




Highest Offered CTC - Rs 25.5 lakhs P.A.

Average Offered CTC - Rs 11.6 lakhs P.A.

IMI Delhi

IMI Delhi


Highest CTC - 29 LPA

Average CTC - 14.3 LPA

With acquisitions and mergers becoming the new buzzword in the business world, the scope of MBA has widened too. Business organisations are trying to spread their wings globally and becoming truly multi-national corporations. India, for instance, is a sought after destination because of its immense potential for growth and development. An Indian student doing MBA today has to think of the global impact before making decisions and is also exposed to international standards and practices. This enables him/her to think of the world as his work area. Such a perspective enables him/her to blend into any community, society and culture, all of which works to his/her advantage while seeking a job anywhere in the world.

The onus, however, is on the MBA students to extract the maximum out of the course, to keep broadening their horizons and learning. The course itself provides the framework to a successful career in the highly competitive and risky business world but it requires a sincere and dedicated effort from the student to build on that framework and reap benefits.

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