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Graduation is a primary degree that many complete as a status-quo. You do it under the guidance (sometimes pressure) of your parents, peers, or professors. However, for most people, the idea of pursuing a post-graduate degree is a well thought decision. By the time you finish your graduate school, you have already completed 15 to 16 years of education. This is sufficient time to gauge your capabilities and understand your likes & dislikes, expectations & area of interest, and short-term & long-term goals. 

MBA – Viable & Valuable Option

A Masters of Business Administration is one of the most popular post-graduation degrees. Many fresh graduates and working professionals opt for it while looking for greener pastures. MBA gives you an edge over plain graduates and comes with handsome pay packages. It enhances your technical knowledge, broadens your perspectives, and adds on to your functional expertise. 

MBA – Elements & Requirements

MBA is a demanding degree. The MBA curriculum is not just restricted to classroom teaching and textbook learning. There are numerous activities like-

  • Finishing back to back assignments
  • Comprehending case studies
  • Participating in group activities like classroom discussions, brainstorming sessions and quizzes
  • Working on live projects
  • Participating in club & committee activities
  • Organizing and attending symposiums & conclaves 
  • Networking etc.

There is a constant race against time. So, unless you have motivation driven by passion, sailing through MBA is a herculean task. The critical element needed to excel in an MBA programme is PASSION, which is based on 3Cs - Consistency, Competency, and Confidence.

MBA – Focus Areas

Today b-schools not just focus on your past academic records and management entrance exam scores, etc. But they want candidates who – 

  • Have a good EQ (emotional quotient). 
  • Think critically
  • Add on to the diversity
  • Have flair for marketing, finance, people management, analytics, programming, and statistics, etc.

In addition to the above, they also have a strong will to ‘master’ the art of ‘business administration.’ In short, they want learners who are value-driven and passionate. The two years of MBA teach you to:

  • Work with people across verticals
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Manage time 
  • Build, balance and broaden the professional network 
  • Solve complex problems

Unless you are passionate about your career and goals, you cannot propel yourself to reach the pinnacle of success. This is the foundation of MBA – a degree of your dreams.

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