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Human life is dynamic. Growth is an inevitable truth of life and holistic education is the key to it. Among the various educational courses (or degrees) available that help enhance growth prospects for students and professionals – MBA definitely tops the list. According to the ‘Demand for MBA and Business Master’s Programs: Insights on Candidate Decision’ Report by GMACTM, 79 percent of candidates consider doing an MBA programme. This number increases every year.

An MBA can be the perfect value addition that stimulates evolution in one’s career. The 3Is why MBA is important in present and future are:

1. Industry Evolution

  • Era of smart machines and globalization
  • Advent of new areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things etc.
  • Technological revolution is leading a movement towards increasing the scientific basis of a business degree.
  • Increase in the workforce demand in start-ups, cybersecurity, e-governance, and machine learning etc.
  • To meet with the demand of the evolving industry, MBA will always be in demand.

2. Individual Growth

  • All kinds of working professionals look for individual growth – freshers, technical experts, mid-level executives or top- level leaders.
  • An MBA degree gives an edge.
  • Perfect catalyst that helps you rise up the corporate ladder and break the job monotony.
  • Helps boost one’s career prospects hence individual growth.

3. Innovative Sectors

  • MBA is no longer restricted to the traditional sectors like Finance, Marketing, HR, and Operations.
  • A number of new specialized sectors have sprouted –
    • Hospitality
    • Aviation
    • Rural
    • Agricultural
    • Entertainment & digital media
    • Sports
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Communication & Branding
    • Family Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Managers with technical expertise and sector-specific specializations will remain in demand.

The market is in need of professionals who have leadership potential, affable personality, good communication skills, and innovative thinking. And MBA definitely promises that. Thus, MBA will always remain in demand.

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