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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
Published : Saturday, 09 August, 2014 10:30 AM 
Reading success stories of great professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us and we all wish to emulate them on our path of success. 
MBA Rendezvous is presenting you on every Saturday a motivational story of successful Professional. 
Read profile of Tiger Woods 
When we come across a legend we desire to be one as they have so much to teach us. The fame, reputation and sometimes the riches that these legendary people earn in their life gives hopes to millions around the world. Among these legends is the name of a golfer who showed that nothing was impossible. Today that luminary is known to us as EldritTront “Tiger” Woods, or popularly recalled as Tiger Woods. 
Woods not only started playing golf as a profession but also helped in inflating the popularity of this formidable game. His success in the field made him a star golfer today. But achievements in golf were not all that mattered to him. He believed that honesty and decency in your profession is also accountable. 
This gave many people around the world a hope to work in their professions faithfully. A lot has been covered up in his biography where it shows how he got motivated from his father, who was also his role model. His father had guided him on his strenuous journey to achieve fame.
In one of his quotes he explains that his father never pressurized him for this sport; it was his own choice to go for it. His own passion for the sport gave him a successful career today. Woods loves golf so much that he chose it as a profession. And when you are earning from something that you are passionate about then there is no stress or tension that regular people face every day at work. So, money is also not a problem if one has a job which he/she loves. 
Why Woods is good at what he does? It’s all because he has always aimed to be better. He has always given more than his potential so that he can achieve greatness in this wonderful sport. 
Woods showed the world that following your passion can give you a career that you will always be proud of. You would never have to feel the depression and will always be happy and satisfied in life. Even though Woods had motivators in life, but the real fight was his own. 
Similarly everyone’s battle has to be fought by them. Motivation from such legends can be there but it is up to us to make up our minds and fulfill our dreams in life, just like he did.
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