Acing your NMAT by GMAC 2018 Score with 220 and Above – A Section-wise Approach

Acing your NMAT 2018 Score with 220 and Above – A Section-wise Approach

To ace any exam, you must have a sectional strategy based on the exam pattern of that exam. Before we move onto discussing the section-wise approach for the NMAT 2018 exam, here is a look its exam pattern:

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NMAT 2018

An ideal number of attempts and scores to clear sectional and overall cutoffs for the NMAT 2018 exam are listed below:

NMAT 2018 Exam Section

Average Time/Question (in minutes)

Ideal Attempts

Ideal Score*

Language Skills



54 – 57+

Quantitative Skills



70 – 75+

Logical Reasoning



65 – 70+



70 – 75+


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                        *NMAT Raw Score

NMAT 2018 - Language Skills

  1. Question Breakup:NMAT Language Skills
  2. Attempt the vocabulary based questions first.
  3. Attempt at least 3-4 Para-jumble questions.
  4. Mostly there are 2 RC passages, but some papers may have 3. Make sure you attempt
    questions of at least 1.5 or 2 passages.
  5. Attempt a minimum of 8-9 Grammar questions (prepositions, sentence correction).

NMAT 2018 – Quantitative Skills

  1. Question Breakup: NMAT Quantitative Skill
  2. The breakup of the Math section is as follows:

    Math Topics

    No. Of Questions

    Important Topics to Focus



    1. Definitely there is 1 question each from – R&P, %ages, Profit Loss, SI/CI, TSD, Mixtures and Time & Work
    2. You may get something from Clocks, Calendars and Log/Exponents which are mostly easy
    3. A question from Number System is 90% there and would be HCF,LCM and Remainder Theorem

    Geometry & Mensuration


    1. 1-2 questions are definitely from Triangle and Circle.
    2. Pick the easy ones such as finding angles in a given figure etc.



    1. These are the harder topics like Equations- liner, quadratic, inequalities. If it is taking more than 2 minutes to solve it, mark and move ahead. Time is of essence so do not waste on it.

    Modern Math


    1. Definitely a question is from P&C, Probability and AP/GP. Focus on those areas and attempt those questions.
  3. There are 5 sets with 4 questions each in the DI section. Attempt at least 2-2.5 sets.
    Most times 2 out of 5 sets are easy. Avoid sets with 2 or more graphs. Those are the trickier ones.
  4. Attempt at least 4-5 out of the 6 questions in DS section. Most topics are Arithmetic based and easy.

NMAT 2018 – Logical Reasoning

  1. Question Breakup:NMAT Logical Reasoning
  2. Choose and answer smaller questions and skip the lengthier ones.
  3. Verbal Reasoning:
    1. The questions are based on:
      1. Critical Reasoning- Arguments, Assumptions and Inferences
      2. Decision Making
    2. It is a balance of easy (2-3 lines) and hard (4+ lines) questions.
    3. You can mark the hard ones and use guess work.
  4. Analytical Reasoning:
    1. The questions are based on – Seating Arrangements, Codes, Series, Symbols, Relationships, Syllogism, Input/output and Symbols.
    2. The topics from which you will definitely the questions are – Syllogism, Blood Relations, Series, Directions, Coding/Decoding and Input/output.  Make sure you prepare them well and attempt all questions out of these areas.
    3. A question on seating arrangement – linear and/or circular – is also there. But choose it wisely.

In general, it is advised to use guess work and not leave any question un-attempted since there is no negative marking. To know more on how to guess read here.

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