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Published: Monday, 8 February, 2016 11:20 AM

Politics is supreme than economic reforms in India

After the results for CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT and NMAT are out, you will be invited for GD and it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion on GD Burning topic: Politics is supreme than economic reforms in India

In India, politics seems to come before national interests. Almost all major decisions that can benefit the country are first raised at the altar of the multiple political parties, who scrutinise them keeping vote bank politics and various other permutations and combinations in mind. This leads to a delay in decision making as well as holding up national interests.

A. Reservations were aimed to be a short term arrangement to provide the chances to the backward castes they were deprived of and were left behind for socio-historical reasons. But politicians found it to be a tremendous opportunity to further their political ambitions and keep milking this sensitive issue for political gains.

B.The Parliament is also a place where elected representatives of various political parties indulge in constructive debate and raise issues of the electorate that they represent. This is the beauty of democracy as everyone gets a chance to put their point of view forward and reach a consensus. Though, decision making might be delayed following this process, but this ensures that each group gets equal opportunities to put forth their views and the law framed following this due process has the consensus of the House at large.

C.Unfortunately, this sacred process has been much maligned and taken advantage of by the politicians in the recent past. Important issues of national interest have been side lined due to petty interests of political parties. Since, the Parliament is all about numbers, few opposition parties might gang up together against the government and hold up the legislative process to ransom. This is a way of coercing the government to do as the opposition parties dictate, failing which the opposition parties do not allow the House to function. This kind of behaviour is dangerous for any democracy.

DTrue. The most recent example being that of the GST Bill, which failed to see the light of the day because the opposition parties did not allow it to pass.The winter session of the Parliament, which ended on 23 December 2015, was lost to the logjam between the government and the opposition. If a bill of national importance, such as the GST Bill, which would impact the lives of millions of people and improve the economic condition of the country is allowed to fall prey to political tussle, then the citizen’s hope for a better life will be severely compromised.

E. There have been examples, in the recent rule of the Congress led coalition,where the government of the day has given in to the demands of electoral politics by clearing a flurry of populist measures which hasleft the economy in a quandary.

F.Political opportunism even results in sworn enemies joining hands, to prevent the Parliament from debating and legislating. Politicians are more than willing to forget ideological differences they may have with others and reconcile, if doing so, serves their selfish interests. Such cases of political opportunism betray the trust put in them by the people of the country and also the economic agenda of the country suffers.

Politicians have been motivated by self-interest or the interest of their parties and hence, have ignored national interests. This is a dangerous sign for the Indian democracy as the main component of a democracy-people have been ignored. The politicians need to realise that their job is to frame laws which improve the quality of life of people and provide them more opportunities to grow and they should only abide by it. Nation should take precedence over every thing else.

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