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Published : Thursday, 15 July, 2016 04:01 PM

Aspiring for MBA for getting placement only might turn you into a doer not a thinker.

It's a matter of fact that aspiring for MBA for getting placed in big corporations and companies can turn an aspirant into a doer rather than a rational or potential thinker. A doer is one who works according to commands and orders without asking the purpose and reason behind that order. But, a thinker is one who questions every step, who asks about the purpose. 

MBA is what, you can opt if you need versatility in your career. Every Business school provides theoretical knowledge as introducing new concepts on international trades, investments and so on and exposing the students to real life learning experiences through tools such as case studies.

In this dynamic world and unpredictable conditions there are things which are more required today, one of these are inculcating the qualification of leadership, how to take charge and develop confidence in taking decisions. Second is innovativeness that integrate the thought process with new technologies, new changes, new development and risk taking. Third crucial factor is to follow ethics in manufacturing practice, which should disapprove unethical competitiveness.

Running after placements is like self -limiting. We need the critical thinkers in our country. Sustainability, social sensitivity and value based growth is what is needed. Business schools provide global outlook to their students and this will manifest the students. The outlook from which we see the MBA is the end product, what the passing students should be like. A student needs to learn self-limiting thoughts and perceptions.

The student must not focus only on placements, packages and corporate jobs. They should try to make themselves ethical and socially conscious. If aspirants run after jobs and placements, then who will create jobs? Who will expand businesses? Who will join star- ups? Who will be an entrepreneur?

We need to support the mission Digital India, start-up India and stand up India. Now we need job creators rather than job seekers. Placements can be easy gratification but not a final vision of your achievement. We have to give importance to knowledge, curriculum, potential to learn current and important skills other than placement.

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