90 to 100 Percentile - A Dream, Hope or The Goal?

90 -100 Percentile | Hard work | MBA Entrance Exam

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Published :  Arun Arora | July 5, 2017 | 1:05 PM IST

90 to 100 Percentile - A Dream, Hope or The Goal?

Everyone wants to get into the top institutes for doing there MBA courses because doing so gives them an edge over others in the job market. But to fulfil this dream, the aspirants need to slog hard and score a higher percentile. This is because MBA remains a popular choice for students and, hence, receives a lot of interest and competition. The competition is so fierce that even a 90-95 percentile in the entrance exam is not enough to guarantee a call from the premier institutes such as IIMs. 

Since a score in the lower nineties is no longer a guarantee for admission, aspirants need to aim for a higher percentile, even 100 percentile. The stakes are high for the aspirants who sit for the entrance exams as their future is dependent on how they fare in these exams. Therefore, there is no scope for dropping your guard. You have to give it your all and prepare diligently. The jump from 90 to 100 percentile not only marks an obvious improvement in performance but also a progression of a dream into hope and finally the goal.

1. 90-100 percentile- a dream?

The journey from 90 to 100 percentile begins with a dream. This dream encapsulates where you want to be and what you want to achieve in life, the desire to be the best that you can be, and the willingness to conquer all hurdles. For some, this dream of 100 percentile remains a dream as they are not willing to change their lives around the dream. But for some, this dream becomes precious and motivates them to work harder and not cut corners. On one hand, it is good to dream of a perfect score but it is wise to temper those dreams with reason and pragmatism. A person on the lowest levels of performance should not directly think of scoring a 100 percentile but should move towards that aim getting better from his/ her past performances.


2. 90-100 percentile- a hope?

The dream of scoring a 100 percentile in the entrance exam becomes hope when you slowly begin to get some confidence in your abilities. People who hope for miracles will meet disappointment frequently but people who couple hope with hard work and sincere efforts will seldom be disappointed. So, it is alright to hope of scoring well, but if you don’t back it up with the right kind of preparation and hard work, then, it won’t be long before your hope is shattered.


3. 90-100 percentile- the goal?

For aspirants these days, any goal less than a full 100 percentile shall not suffice as it will ensure admission to a good institute. One needs a goal valuable enough to fight for and aim at. The goal can be one which is within your reach or one that makes you push the envelope. Scoring a 100 percentile is definitely a goal that should motivate you to prepare well, make sacrifices if required, burn the midnight oil and so on.

Dream big, hope for success, set the goal high but don’t forget to complement this with hard work, dedication and sincerity.

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