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CAT 100 Percentiler | MBA entrance exams | CAT Exam

A topper in any walk of life is looked at differently by everyone, even revered, as he/ she achieves something that not many have been able to accomplish. But, this does not make them super human beings.

This does not mean that they possess some extraordinary gifts and talents which the others are devoid of.They, too, are as ordinary or as special as the others sitting for the CAT exam. If at all there is a difference, it lies in the way they have incorporated certain processes in their lives which distinguishes them from others and makes them successful. 

Latest Update: IIM Indore has announced the CAT 2023 exam date in November, 2023.

The difference between a person who scores 100 percentile and others is not so much intelligence or mental aptitude as most of the aspirants who score high percentiles possess the requisite skills and yet only a few of them clear the 100 percentile mark. The real difference is in their will to attain perfection and pursuing the difficult path to success with single- minded determination.

1. Time management

One of the most essential factors that determine success is time management. The ability to prioritise things and manage the limited time that one has is an important factor in one’s success. The people who score 100 percentile learn to master the art of time management. They prioritise things wisely and stick to their schedules.Since the time available to everyone is equal, how one uses it decides the fate of the aspirants. 

2. Work ethics

Closely related to time management is an aspirant’s work ethics. This includes the amount of hard work and devotion one is willing to put in to achieve success. People who top the exam possess excellent work ethics. They are willing to make small sacrifices in pursuit of perfection and success, something which many others are not able to do. Their commitment towards their work and single- minded focus on their goals sets them apart from the crowd.

3. Hard work

The 100 percentiler never shies away from hard work and is always ready to break a sweat to fulfil his/ her goals. Though everyone has the option of working hard towards their goals, only a few actually imbibe the value of hard work in their lives. They dream of being the best in the race and back it up with hard work to fulfil their dreams.  

4. Extra mile

The 100 percentilers don’t shy away from going the extra mile in pursuit of excellence. For instance, while others may limit themselves to the given syllabi and may leave certain portions, the 100 percentilers will ensure that they cover all bases and go beyond the expected things to ensure that they don’t leave anything to chance. This ‘will- do’ attitude sets them apart from the crowd.

There needs to be some change in the attitude if you want to aim for a 100 percentile. You have to be ruthless and focused on your goals and not compromise in that pursuit. Fortunately, this option is available to all aspirants, thereby giving equal opportunities to excel to everyone, only a few grab them. 

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