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Published :  Arun Arora | September 19, 2016 | 11:31 AM IST

Mock Tests will boost your confidence  

Mock Tests form an integral part of preparations for any exam, certainly competitive exams such as MBA entrances. Preparation cannot be considered complete unless you solve a few mock tests, which are nothing but replicas of the kind of question papers you can expect in the main exam. They need to be taken seriously, as a much needed medium to familiarize yourself with the pattern and structure of the main exam, so that you are not taken by surprise when you see the main question paper and feel confident of facing the exam.


1. True picture

One of the first things that solving mock tests will do is to make you realize the level of your preparation and push you to brush up the areas you are found wanting in. It gives you a true picture of your readiness for the exam. Mock Tests not only tell you how well you have covered all sections of the syllabi but, more importantly, the areas you need to revisit and improve on., so that by the time the main exam comes up, you are confident to face it without a tinge of self- doubt. Solid preparation leads to great results.

2. Time organisation

Mock Tests are a good way to check the time that you take to finish the paper. Time management is the key to writing a good exam. As the candidate is under pressure to perform well to clear the exam and attempt all the questions in the stipulated time, solving mock tests can be a good way to figure out how much time to allot to each section and plan your paper accordingly. Also, attempting mock tests regularly can train your mind to improve your speed and get into that zone of solving questions well within the allotted time. This will only enhance your performance in the main exam.   


3. Things to avoid

One of the ways in which mock tests help is that they make you aware of the things that you need to avoid in the main exam. Mock tests provide an opportunity to you to try out different ways of solving the paper and choose any that works best for you, to make you realize the errors that you may be making and so on. All this is essential and prepares your mind well for the main exam. 

4. Feel good

Ultimately, mock tests give you a sense of confidence and make you comfortable with the main exam. The pressures of the main exam can be intense as a lot is at stake for the aspirants. An aspirant who appears in the main exam without adequate practice will find the exam difficult to manage as it will be a different experience for him/ her but an aspirant, who has done enough practice and solved many mock tests will be confidence and more ready to face the situation of the final exam.

Just as sportspersons practice and hone their skills before their main performances, people appearing in competitive exams or any other exam for that matter, too, need to practice and test themselves a number of times before the main exam, so that they feel confident about themselves.

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