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Sarvesh Kumar Verma, an alumnus of IIM Kashipur, is highly regarded as educator and author in the disciplines of aptitude, corporate, and life skills. He is the author of the bestseller Quantum CAT, which has transformed how CAT candidates prepare for Quantitative Aptitude. His pioneering book has influenced thousands of MBA candidates as well as aptitude instructors. Across the nation, the most skilled authors and content creators acknowledge his book as a masterwork. He is the author of Quantum CAT popular book on the CAT and other aptitude exams like IIFT, SNAP, MAT, CMAT and XAT, published by the renowned publisher, Arihant Publications (India)LTD.

He holds MBA in Strategy, Marketing, and Finance from the Indian Institute of Management. Not only that, but he was involved heavily in many student clubs and organizations during his time at IIM. His days spent in college have successfully converted him into a true enthusiast for entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the ecosystem.

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How to Download the ebook?

Sarvesh Verma's Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT preparation book is exclusively available in the Flipkart and Amazon Store.

Also, students can purchase the Kindle edition of the Arihant Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT book by Sarvesh K Verma.

Name of the Book Price Links For Purchase
Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma | Arihant Publications (1213 Pages) Paperback - ₹482 Buy Now
Kindle Edition - ₹457 Buy Now

Is Quantum CAT book good for CAT?

Yes, Quantum CAT book is good for CAT. Quantum CAT is an excellent book with clear explanations for learning. This book is considered among the most remarkable Quant books for the CAT, and it is also one of those CAT preparation books listed by toppers. This is a comprehensive resource for those seeking to pursue a seat at one of Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

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Which is the latest edition of Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma?

The latest edition of Sarvesh Verma's Quantum CAT book is published as a Revised edition (2020).

The CAT (Common Admission Test) 2022 exam is the most prominent admission exam for MBA aspirants. As a result, the student's preparation is entirely defined by the study materials they choose and the strategy they follow. Because of his integrity, he emphasizes not only on explaining the basics, but also on ensuring that each topic is clear and easily understood. As a result, Sarvesh Verma's Quantum CAT book is an excellent alternative for CAT preparation. The book is published by Arihant Publications (India)LTD., a well-known publishing house.

CAT entrance exam has 3 sections -

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Verbal Ability and reading Comprehension
  3. Data Integration and Logical Reasoning

Sarvesh Verma concentrated more on the core component, i.e., quantitative aptitude, which is an important factor in achieving an excellent score in CAT.

Brief on Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma | Arihant Publications

The book is written in such a way that a student with no prior understanding of mathematics can complete the test paper just as easily and quickly as someone who does. Students preparing for management competitive exams such as the CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT, etc., would find this book useful and effective as a study guide. This book offers innovative and more creative approaches to obtaining right answers in much less time to solve cat.

The content in this book is underlined into 21 chapters where each chapter includes a cat test to help students quickly review concepts. Number System is introduced as a new chapter in the revised edition. For a profound understanding, over 400 fundamental concepts are offered. There are about 1000 examples with variations, techniques, and alternative solutions provided. For a profound understanding, over 400 fundamental concepts are offered. For practicing, more than 5000 customized problems and 2000 new MCQs are also included. 

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Is Quantum CAT book enough for CAT?

No, Quantum CAT book by Sarvesh Verma is not enough for CAT. Students will still have to review additional books for deep learning to enhance performance. It is suitable to simply builds up your foundation, although solving Level of Difficulty (LOD) 3 is strongly recommended for CAT exam. This book will help to practice more questions with LOD 1 and LOD 2.

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