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Getting into your favourite MBA program is a long and arduous journey. The various stages include:

  1. Scoring a good percentile in the entrance exams
  2. Appearing for group discussions and written tests
  3. Facing the interview panel.

The entire MBA selection process tests a candidate on two parameters – hard skills and soft skills. 


Hard skills are quantifiable and are evaluated using:

  1. MBA aptitude test scores & percentile
  2. Candidate’s profile – past academic scores, work experience, and overall achievements 


Soft skills are those which cannot be conveyed through a CV or a score. They are personally developed qualities and are assessed during:

  1. Group Discussion or Group Exercises 
  2. Analytical or Business Writing Test
  3. Face to Face Interview 


Every college or university has a unique and a carefully curated selection criterion. Each stage is given a specific weightage, and GD, WAT and PI round scores are mainly to judge your soft skills. They provide a clear idea to the interviewer about a candidate’s personality and attitude. 


Let us understand about the soft skills and their importance during MBA admissions.


What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are a combination of 7Cs: 

  1. Communication skills
  • Ability to express your thoughts & ideas
  • Be a good listener
  • Crisp writing skills
  1. Command
  • Sound knowledge of your area of interest and subjects
  • Have leadership qualities
  1. Calm Personality & Courteousness
  • Sport a pleasing and positive behaviour
  1. Confidence & Clarity 
  • Trust yourself 
  • Be sure of what say 
  • Have an idea about what you want to achieve
  • Carry clear expectations
  1. Creative Thinking
  • Out of the box thinking, innovation 
  1. Critical Thinking
  • Ability to process information in a logical manner
  • Exhibit qualities of self-learner
  1. Collaboration & Collectiveness
  • Be a team player
  • Respect your peers, seniors and juniors 

Why are Soft Skills Significant?

B-schools use exam scores as the first steps towards filtering the right candidates. Those who clear the minimum level of proficiency move to the next round(s). The PI and GD round evaluations are used to select the right candidate. Panelists look for the following:

1. Soft skills like leadership and communications skills. 

2. Ability to articulate career ambitions within the milieu of the MBA

3. Promote themselves as a good fit for the school and sound authentic. 

While a good score/percentile is vital, soft skills are the deal maker (or breaker). So even if you score a 100 percentile but fall short in the soft skills area, MBA could still be a far-fetched dream because there is no point being a genius if you aren’t genuine and gentle.


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