In the recent ‘MICA Leadership Series’ conducted by MICA, Ms. Virginia Sharma delivered a talk on "Content to Context Marketing". She spoke about the benefit of cost effectiveness and measurement in the digital landscape. At the same time, that benefit can be maximum if marketers focus on 3 parameters, namely ‘Audience, Engagement and Environment’




Virginia Sharma is the currently the Director of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn India. As part of the senior leadership team at LinkedIn India, Virginia’s focus is to help leading enterprises and marketers meaningfully engage with professionals on the LinkedIn platform, with relevant and valuable content. She leads a sales team who consult marketers and agencies create and execute high-impact content marketing campaigns.




She spoke about personal and professional networks and how in personal networks one spends time while in professional networks one invests time. She believes that sharing the same posts about the brand on all platforms is redundant, instead brands should push different posts on different platforms keeping the background communication the same. She said “Being able to catch people in the right context is important, as well as in the right medium”.


MICA students


She advised the students that in this digital world, one should know what people around share about and that being useful to one’s community is of utmost importance.


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