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Cement your pluses for CAT exam and leave minuses now

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Cement your pluses for CAT exam and leave minuses now

With the CAT exam 2023 just around the corner, it is time to rejig your preparation strategy and work out a plan exclusive to yourself, which helps you exploit these last few days to your advantage. The idea at this stage of your preparation is to iron out the chinks from your armour, limit your weak areas and increase your strong areas.

Thorough Revision

At this stage, you should be winding up with your preparation of the syllabus and getting ready for a thorough revision. The process of revision will include a careful scrutiny of each and every topic in the syllabus, followed by an identification of the areas you still need to work on. You should be in command of most topics at this stage, with only a brushing up of few topics left.

Work on your Strengths

In this crucial hour, you should be looking to focus on your strong areas and ensuring that you don’t lose marks in them. Strong areas will be those on which you would have gained a command and would be able to complete without much fuss. Also, this is the right time to increase you areas of strength.

To achieve a percentile good enough to get you a call from a top IIM, you should be thorough with almost all topics of all sections, as if they were your strong areas. The people who work hard and tirelessly, with an aim in mind are the ones who become successful.

Limit weaknesses

Even as you increase your strong areas, your weaknesses will also reduce. There will be areas in the exam you will not be sure enough to attempt. Ensuring that such areas or questions are less in number and in any case do not harm your score is the task you should work out at this stage.

As you don’t have to attempt all the questions from each section and there is scope of skipping a few you aren’t sure of without affecting your percentile, you can leave out a few weak areas that include topics you are not comfortable with. Instead of focussing on topics that you find difficult, focus your energy on the topics you are comfortable with and the topics that will get you the desired percentile. Clearly, all this should be worked out at this stage, a few days before the exam.

Time Management

Time Management and accuracy is the key to your chances in CAT 2023. While you cement your pluses and leave out the minuses, you should keep a track of time you take to solve each question. The less time you take per question, the better it is. Along with this, you have to maintain an accuracy level of 85-90% throughout the exam to achieve a high percentile. If you manage to do so, you will get the luxury of skipping a few questions. Make time your biggest asset in the CAT exam.

A month or so before CAT 2023, derive confidence from the areas you know rather than worry about the areas you don’t. People who play smart are the ones who become successful in CAT.