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Accuracy in CAT will gain you percentile

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Accuracy in CAT will gain you percentile

The structure of the CAT exam is such that it does not require the aspirants to attempt each and every single question to score a high percentile. The aspirants have the option of leaving out a few questions in each section and still be able to score well. The emphasis is on accuracy in the questions attempted more than anything else. Only accuracy will help you gain percentiles in the CAT exam.

What is Accuracy?

By accuracy, one refers to the state of being correct or precise and free from error. While one is solving problems, one may get so involved with the process that one may end up overlooking the component of accuracy. Just solving the questions is not the aim here, but solving the questions accurately is the aim of every aspirant of CAT.

Accuracy in identifying questions

The job of the aspirants begins as soon as he receives the questions. The first task is to identify the questions that the aspirants wishes to attempt from each section. This task needs to be accomplished with a high degree of accuracy based on the aspirant’s knowledge and gut feeling about the particular questions. The questions which the aspirant is confident of solving accurately, without a degree of doubt need to be selected from the lot initially. The next set will comprise those questions in which the aspirant is somewhat confident of reaching the accuracy levels, and the last set will comprise questions in which the aspirant is confident of making informed guesses to reach a level close to the accurate level.

Accuracy in solving questions

It is important that you attain a high accuracy level in solving the questions that you are attempting in the CAT exam. Even if you wish to attempt 75 percent of questions in each section, you have a chance of scoring a 99 percentile, provided you achieve a high accuracy level and answer those questions correctly. Even if you reach an overall accuracy level of 90 percent, you stand a good chance of scoring a good percentile. This is to say that across all sections, if you are attempting anywhere between 20 to 25 questions per section with a high accuracy level, your stand a good chance of scoring a 99 percentile.

Accuracy and Speed

While giving the CAT exam, accuracy and speed go hand in hand for aspirants. While the aspirants are expected to reach a high accuracy level, they are expected to maintain a good speed throughout the paper, so that they are able to finish the questions in time. Naturally, when you are aiming to reach a high accuracy level, you may end up compromising on speed and may take more time in solving questions, to be on the safer side. However, you need to combine the need for accuracy with speed, as CAT is a time bound exam. Therefore, your preparation becomes very important. While preparing for the exam and writing Mock Tests, combine speed and accuracy to better your chances.

You will get a good score in CAT only if you reach a high level of accuracy in your paper, in the questions that you have attempted.

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