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Reading Editorials can enrich your Vocabulary

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Reading Editorials

When one realises the importance of a good vocabulary in an MBA entrance examination, the next step is to identify ways of enriching one’s vocabulary. Among the many ways of doing this, is by reading Editorials, which not only increases vocabulary but also broadens the mind and gives a new perspective on various issues.

What are Editorials?

Editorials are an integral part of newspapers and magazines. The editorial staff, which is more of a governing body of the newspaper that vetoes the news that goes inside, conveys its stand and the stand of the newspaper on various issues and themes through articles called an editorial. They are examples of high quality thought process expressed through high quality language, something that one does not encounter in day to day life.

Value of Editorials

As they are written by senior editors and staff with a lot of experience behind them, they have a superior flavour to it than other articles in the newspaper. The way in which language is structured to express the viewpoints is definitely distinct from other articles. Not only do they give you a fresh perspective on things you might not have thought about, but they do so in a manner that drives home the point strongly. They are able to do due to the power of vocabulary and expressions used. A good editorial would not use good words even to describe mundane things, but also use good idioms, phrases and metaphors, all of which make an impact on the readers.

Learn from the Editorials

All MBA aspirants, who wish to brush up their vocabulary and knowledge base should make a habit of reading the editorials of various newspapers. Each newspaper or magazine is designed differently and has different things to say. Therefore, going through the editorials of the major newspapers and magazine will enrich the aspirant’s preparation.

Working your way through

The question that arises is how to work your way through the editorials. Just reading the editorials won’t suffice. You have to know how to use the editorials to your advantage. While you go through the article, identify the words whose meaning you don’t know. Then, jot those words down in your diary and find out its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, origin and so on. This will not add that particular word to your vocabulary but also a number of other words related to it. The idea is not to memorise a number of words by rote but to understand the context in which words are used, their origin and other things, so that they become entrenched in your mind.

No shortcuts to improve vocabulary

The aspirants must note that there are no shortcuts to improve vocabulary. It is not something that you can acquire overnight. It is built over a period of time and requires perseverance and cultivation of the habit of reading. Editorials, novels, magazines are all tools to enhance your vocabulary but they are useful only when you put in the effort to read them closely.

Hence, reading editorials is one of the important ways of enriching one’s vocabulary.


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