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What's that which may irk you in RC?

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What's that which may irk you in RC?

Reading Comprehension is a crucial section of the Verbal Ability section. It can have an impact on your overall score. This is because while it may seem easy, it is quite tricky. To make sense of the given passages and attempt the questions is not an easy task. To add to this, the hurdles that one encounters and other considerations while attempting RC can be irksome and make the job harder.

1. Usage of words

The foremost hurdle that may irk you while you attempt RC is the kind of words used in the passage. If you’re lucky, you may get easy vocabulary in the passage, making your task easier. But, sometimes, complex words make the passage difficult to comprehend. The reason for this is twofold: your limited vocabulary and the difficulty level of the words. Both these reasons pose a challenge to you and reduce your speed of going through the passage.

2. Question Type

Having gone through the passage, you may stumble on the kind of questions that come attached to the passage. It could be tricky to decipher the direction in which the question expects you to go and you may end up hurting your chances with an incorrect understanding of them. Therefore, while you practice, make sure that you go through all kinds of questions so that you are not lost during the exam. Questions may range from simple and direct comprehension types to word meanings, synonyms and antonyms to the twisted ones that make you think of the passage deeply.

3. Time

One definite factor that proves to be irksome is the time factor. Reading the passage is easy, anyone can do it, but the goal is to read the passage quickly without compromising on understanding it, and then proceed towards the questions. Time acts as a continuous push factor that keeps you on your toes all the time and doesn’t let you breathe easy. You cannot afford to spend too much time on a passage, as that will leave you with less time for the remaining questions in the section.

4. Writing Style

While vocabulary poses a big challenge in comprehending a passage, another irksome factor is the writing style of the author. The way a passage has been written directly affects the reading powers of the aspirants. The writing style can sometimes, prove to be a labyrinth difficult to cross. This is because each writer has a unique style of writing, which not everybody can understand. For example writers like Virginia Woolf and James Woolf extensively used techniques like Stream of Consciousness or capturing the thoughts as they appear in the mind, which makes the reader’s job difficult to say the least. Furthermore, a passage could be didactic, descriptive, satirical and so on. The way a passage has been written can prove irksome, especially if you are not too familiar with different writing styles are not exposed to various types of writings.

You will face a lot of hurdles while doing RC. A sound preparation will help you offset the challenges and score well.


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