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What 100 percentiler does in CAT?

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100 percentile in CAT 2023

100 percentile in CAT 2023 is the dream that most candidates carry when they go to write the exam. However, it is a feat only a select few are able to achieve every year. Just as success in any field in life comes to those who are willing to work harder than others and go the extra mile, similarly aspirants who are willing to sacrifice their comforts and work hard with sincerity and determination will be closer to the objective of 100 percentile than others. So what is it that makes one a 100 percentiler?

1. Develop a strategy

100 percentilers have a clear vision about where they see themselves in terms of CAT percentiles. Then carefully develop a strategy to achieve that goal. It is good to have a clear idea about your strong and weak areas. Once you list this down, you should optimize your preparation by strengthening your strong areas. Your strategy should revolve around them. At the same time, find some time to work on your weak areas.

2. Work Ethics

A 100 percentiler has strong work ethics. He will follow his goal of doing well in CAT with steadfast determination and an unrelenting spirit. He will be willing to make little sacrifices that reflect the aspirant’s commitment towards the goal. For the few months leading up to the CAT exam, the 100 percentiler will devote himself completely to the purpose and won’t leave any stone unturned. He will work consistently and devote sufficient number of hours every day to his preparation.

3. Regular Mock Tests

Mock Tests are a good way to test one’s preparation and put oneself in exam-like situation. Therefore, they are taken seriously by the 100 percentiler. The 100 percentiler uses these Mock Tests to put in place a strategy for the exam. He analyses each and every test and tries to improve his performance with every test. He tries to attempt more questions in every test than the last attempt.

4. Healthy mind

The CAT exam requires as much physical strength as mental strength. A 100 percentiler will not neglect his body and health while preparing for the exam. The exam puts a lot of pressure on the mind and body and, therefore, the aspirants should consistently relax themselves and follow healthy practices. Regular exercise and meditation are good ways to calm oneself.

5. Time Management

Time management is a crucial factor in converting you into a 100 percentiler. How you make use of the limited time at hand determines your score in the exam. This is where a 100 percentiler scores an edge over others. He will learn to master the art of time management. He will prioritise things and stick to his schedule no matter what.

The difference between a 100 percentiler and others is not much. Both work hard and follow schedules, but the 100 percentiler will work smartly and cover all possible bases. 100 percentile is a state of perfection and to achieve it, you ought to be unrelenting and uncompromising in your pursuit.  


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