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Conclusion in Essay in MBA Entrance Exams is the take away for audience

Conclusion in Essay in MBA Entrance Exams is the take away for audience

Tips for conclusion write-up | Tips for MBA entrance exams

Published: Thursday, 09 June, 2016 10:25 AM

Conclusion in Essay in MBA Entrance Exams is the take away for audience


A conclusion is that which comes at the end of an article, an essay or any other long write- up, but it is as important as the introduction as well as the subsequent paragraphs. A write- up is divided into three parts- introduction, main body and conclusion. The conclusion might not get as much attention from the writer as the other paragraphs, because there’s hardly anything new to be written in the conclusion, yet, without a good conclusion, the entire write- up remains incomplete. 

1. Recapitulating the essay

Conclusions are an integral part of the write- up just as other paragraphs. They are important because they provide one last opportunity to the writer to recapitulate the gist of the write-up. This reinforcement plays a crucial role in registering the write- up in the minds of the readers. This, in no way, means that the writer just summarizes the write- up. A good synthesis of the arguments and evidences to support the arguments already presented is what is required in a conclusion.

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2. Highlighting the main points again

Conclusions provide a chance to the writer to highlight the main points of the write-up. A writer cannot be sure of the reader will read the entire write-up due to various reasons such as lack of time, distraction and the like. But, if the writer highlights the main points in the conclusion, he would have made sure that the reader takes away the essence of the write-up.

3.Sense of completion

A good conclusion provides a sense of completion to the write- up. It binds the write- up into one cohesive unit, also contributing in imparting a sense of structure to the write- up. It is important to give the reader a sense of completion after having read the write- up. Not doing so, will amount to a betrayal of trust formed between the writer and the reader. The reader should not feel a sense of incompleteness with regard to the write- up.

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4. No new information

A conclusion does not provide new information. It only reinforces your argument. Adding new information to the conclusion distracts the readers from the focus of the article, thus, should be avoided. This is because the reader, after reading the main body of the write- up which comprises all the information, does not expect and can even be put-off by any new information in the conclusion.

5. Last impression

Conclusions are crucial because they are the last impression the reader receives of the writer’s write- up. It is the last chance for the writer to synthesise his/ her thoughts and to demonstrate the importance of his/ her thoughts. Since, writing is about building a relationship of trust with the readers, a good conclusion cements that trust and leaves the reader glad at having read the write- up. A well-written article with a good conclusion will ensure that the reader goes away satisfied after reading the article.

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A conclusion is the last take away for the readers. While a good introduction will arouse interest in the write- up, a good conclusion will leave the reader satisfied. Hence, just like the first impression, the last impression also needs to be effective.

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