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Never say more than is necessary

Never say more than is necessary

Never say more than is necessary
MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on:  
"Never say more than is necessary"
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, a famous Irish playwright and poet, once said, “Never say more than is necessary”. This saying is useful to everyone in all walks of life. When one talks more than what is necessary, it leads to problems. When a reporter asks for information, it is important to answer within the scope of the question, instead of giving more information to him, as it can be published in a negative light. 
Reporters are always looking for information that adds spice to news. So, to prevent being a scapegoat of the media industry, it is important to keep things simple.
It is true that the more one speaks the more questions the other individual has. And in the midst of a conversation, secrets may slip out of one’s mouth unknowingly. We believe that “knowledge is power”. As humans, we love to think and interpret. So, the more one talks, the more information he gives away, reducing his power as a result. When one speaks, he reveals his intentions, personality, and traits. This makes it easier for people to predict one’s future thoughts and actions. This information can be used against the individual too.
On the other hand, when one speaks only what is necessary, he puts others on a defensive mode. Mahatma Gandhi only spoke what was necessary. Hence, people around him and the British could never anticipate his next steps. And they could never come up with ways to stop his movements. Ultimately, he managed to win the fight for independence.
It is important to only say what is necessary to protect oneself. Today, with the advent of social media sites, information can easily be manipulated. Hence, it has become important to say less and watch what one says. No one implicates a person for speaking less but the society creates problems for those who speak more.

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