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Political class is living in its own silos

Political class is living in its own silos

Political class is living in its own silos
MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on:  
"Political class is living in its own silos"
A great man once said, “Effective leaders always destroy silos”. In fact, silos are perfect for storing items but are destructive to societies and organizations. Sadly, the political class in each country lives in its own silo. Politicians are more concerned about defeating their opponents than looking into the welfare of the public. In India, politicians look at their own gains instead of putting the nation before self. In fact, they build such high walls around them to safeguard their interests that they form a barrier between the public and the government. When this happens, the government fails to understand the plights of the citizens and the problems of a country. 
Last year, a female physiotherapy student was gang raped and beaten in Delhi. If the public had not protested on the streets, the government would have ignored the issue or taken the case very lightly. In India, unless the public protests or speaks up against the government, justice is denied. Last year, a policeman refused to file a rape case, resulting in a victim’s suicide. Those with power are so bent on maintaining their status and becoming richer that they forget their reason for being elected and being a part of the government.
Politicians who live in their own silos are self-centered, without self-confidence. They are unsure of their capabilities, which is why they refuse to step out of their comfort zone to address social problems, economic crisis, political turmoil and environmental degradation.
To be a successful nation, politicians have to come out of their comfort zone by abandoning their silos. They need to understand the problems that the citizens are facing. Today, most of the countries in the world abide by democratic ideologies, where power lies in the people. So, only by meeting the needs of the people can politicians hope to keep their power and position. 

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