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I will be the winner

I will be the winner

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I will be the winner

Published : Tuesday, 26 May, 2015 10:54 AM

Extempore Speech is also one of the tools to evaluate overall communication and personality of MBA Aspirants hence; it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA admission selection process.
MBA Rendezvous has started series of Extempore Speech Topics which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection.

“I will be the winner”

Not everyone is able to reach dizzying heights. Not everyone gets everything that they desire. And yet, everyone can be a winner. Winning is an attitude and becomes a habit with time. The relentless pursuit of happiness, success and the willingness to work hard are the hallmarks of a winning attitude. There is a winner in each one of us, only a few are able to exploit this attitude in their lives.

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'I will be the winner' is a statement of affirmation and motivation. Constantly repeating and reminding this to yourself will not only create a feel good factor but also motivate you to keep striving hard to achieve your objectives.

Self-belief is the key to develop the winning attitude. A person who doubts himself/ herself, remains insecure, short of confidence and does not feel proud of himself/ herself will find it difficult to become a winner as he/ she will always have doubts about winning or succeeding.  When you are a winner, there is no space for self-doubt.

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Regardless of the external influences that work upon every individual such as background, circumstances, access to resources, peer influences, luck and others, essentially, success depends on the individual himself/ herself.

An individual will succeed and be a winner if he/ she has the stomach to succeed and be a winner, if he/ she is ready to tailor his/ her life according to the demands of the objectives that he/ she has set himself/ herself. If that means working rigorously, sacrificing leisure, taking certain risks, so be it.

People such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Sachin Tendulkar and VishvanathanAnand are known to be winners because of their achievements. But each one of them had ordinary beginnings. It is their winning attitude, a combination of discipline, focus, determination and hard work that has helped them achieve the pinnacle of success. Therefore, each one of us has a winner within, all that needs to be done is to exploit these qualities to the maximum and march ahead.

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Another characteristic of winners is that they are never afraid of failing. As failure is not part of their vocabulary, they don't fear it. Yet, their ability to rise again after failure makes them a winner. It is essential to inculcate this trait of overcoming challenges in oneself.

Thus, 'I am the winner' because I am hard working, spirited, determined, clear- headed, brave and ready to meet all challenges and succeed. Eleanor Roosevelt has rightly said, "A winner never stops trying." The only way of standing out in the crowd and making a difference is by imbibing the winning attitude in you.

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Keep repeating 'I am the winner' to yourself until your brain starts believing in it. Back this up with hard work, determination and self-belief and you will definitely be a winner!

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