Get Empowered & Employable with Executive MBA

Get Empowered & Employable with Executive MBA

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing” - Warren Bennis

In the last few decades, the dynamics of MBA education and its ROI has drastically changed and that too not for the good. The market is evolving and there is a constant need to innovate in business and management. It is where Executive MBA comes into picture other than a regular full or part time MBA.

An EMBA primarily focuses on mid and senior level corporate executives who are looking to equip themselves in the business leadership and other transformational roles.

Executive MBA

In India, Indian School of Business is the pioneer of Executive MBA with the IIMs following its lead. Other than that, there are other top universities and colleges that offer these programs such as XLRI, FMS, NMIMS and IIFT etc. There are various types of EMBA offered now days:

  1. Full Time – 1 Year, 2 Year and 3 Year EMBA
  2. Online – Online EMBA
  3. Part Time – Distance Learning EMBA

Executive MBA

How Does EMBA Empower You?

A regular or part-time MBA program makes a student or entry level executive market ready by teaching the concepts straight out of the book. Real time scenarios are mimicked and efforts are made to make the students industry ready.

Whereas, the EMBA specifically is built for the mid and senior level executives who have experience and are looking to take that leap in their career. The executive education empowers them by creating a utility and providing rich experience through classroom and online discussions and interactions. It gives them the opportunity to hone their managerial skills and connect with professionals who have had diverse experiences and perspectives – both personal and industry specific. It is like a melting pot of great business oriented minds and their learning’s from all ends. With the wide networking and career building options that EMBA has to offer, it empowers its beneficiaries.

How Does EMBA Make You Employable?

An EMBA can either be a career “change-er” or career “progress-or”. When an executive degree is added at the right time in one’s career, apart from the education, it brings with it a strong alumni network and internal networking opportunities. EMBA assures stupendous career growth opportunities and enhances one’s employability.

Apart from getting promoted in the current role which you are in, it also makes you eligible for other roles within and outside the organisation. Either way it enriches you with lessons in multitasking, sharpens your already existing skills and adds newness to your approach of dealing with challenges.  It can be a gateway to multiple opportunities and avenues.

Future with EMBA

With options of compact and/or detailed executive programs, rich and abundant work experience, diverse perspectives from individuals’ and strong alumni network, the future with EMBA for sure looks bright. It opens a plethora of opportunities to let you understand the nuances of the market and scale your skills.

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