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There are several reputed business schools such as MDI, XLRI, ISB, SPJIMR and the elite IIMs that offer one year MBA program in India, aimed at executives with anywhere from 3 to 10 years’ work experience under their belt. As these one year MBA programs aim to cover the curriculum of the regular two year course, they are pretty intensive in nature and are full-time residential programs. The one year MBA fee is also at par with that of regular two year program. In fact, in some cases it is even higher.

One year MBA fee based on the institution types

The business schools offering one year MBA programs in India can be broadly classified into 3 categories:

  • One year MBA offered by the reputed IIMs like IIMC, IIMB, IIMA and more.
  • One year Executive PGDM programs offered by the AICTE approved top business schools like SPJIMR, MDI, XLRI and more.
  • Equivalent one year MBA programs offered by institutes like SOIL, ISB and others.

Even though all these MBA programs might appear same on the surface, they are targeted at different student types and have different requirements. Of all these, the one year MBA fee of ISB’s PGP is the maximum at a whopping ₹ 3,463,240 for the 2019 academic year. On the other hand, IIMs like IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad and others also charge a fairly steep fee, for instance, ₹ 25 lakh charged by the IIMA for its PGPX (Postgraduate Programme in Management for Executives). The AICTE approved top-rated business schools on the other hand charge anywhere from ₹ 14 lakh to ₹ 20 lakh for their fast-track MBA courses of similar duration.

One year MBA fee structure in India                                             

Institutes      One Year MBA Fee
IIM Calcutta       ₹ 22 lakh
IIM Ahmedabad      ₹ 25 lakh
IIM Bangalore          ₹ 25.89 lakh
IIM Udaipur         ₹ 23.53 lakh
IIM Indore         ₹ 20 lakh
IIM Lucknow         ₹ 23.5 lakh
XLRI Jamshedpur        ₹ 20 lakh
SPJIMR Mumbai           ₹ 17.88 lakh
MDI Gurgaon       ₹ 13.79 lakh
IMT Ghaziabad      ₹ 15 lakh
Great Lakes, Chennai/Gurgaon       ₹ 18.94 lakh
ISB Hyderabad      ₹ 34.63 lakh


Indian institutes with comparatively lower one year MBA fee

Although there are many reputed institutes that offer one year MBA program to interested candidates, the steep cost can sometimes be a deterrent for students on a tight budget. Below listed are some reasonably good business schools that offer affordable one year MBA programs instead.                      

Institutes  One Year MBA Fee
IRMA Anand ₹ 10.10 lakh
LBSIM, New Delhi  ₹ 5.2 lakh
IMI, New Delhi  ₹ 11 lakh

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