MBA in Finance: A Comprehensive Guide for MBA Aspirants with Scope & Salary

Scope of MBA in finance

Neil Patel

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The Master of Business Administration is a globally recognised management degree, with the aim to develop managerial skills among the students who are required to run a business. An MBA education covers all the prime fields but it’s expanding the boundaries as well and introducing several other sectors such as:

  1. MBA in Sustainability Management

  2. MBA in Aviation Management

  3. MBA in Supply Chain Management

  4. MBA in Oil and Gas Management

  5. MBA in Healthcare Management and many others.

On the other hand, we have traditional MBA specializations which are still in demand and they are:

  1. MBA in Finance

  2. MBA in Marketing

  3. MBA in Human Resource Management

  4. MBA in Business Management

  5. MBA in Operation Management

  6. MBA in Rural Management

Let us take you through some important aspects related to MBA in Finance Scope.

What is an MBA in Finance?

MBA in Finance helps students in preparing for management-level jobs in the field of Finance with a core focus in business development, management, communication skills and organizational development etc. With an MBA in Finance, students can explore various fields such as investment banking, taxation, accounting, financial economics etc. The two-year course will provide better career opportunities and personal growth to the students. An MBA in Finance will concentrate on the theories and analysis along with cementing the economic, mathematics, financial and observational skills of the students. The students improve their expertise not only from the classroom but also from an industrial trip (ground learning) and teamwork which will make them understand the complete functioning of the industry and mould their skills according to the demand of the organization.

While speaking about MBA in Finance, one question which comes to our mind is which are the best colleges and how can we secure the seat?  In order to secure seats for MBA in Finance in top B-schools, candidates have to appear for the entrance exam followed by GD and PI rounds and should match the eligibility criteria of the college. This entire journey will teach a student so many things which will help them in the future. 

Best B-school for MBA in Finance:

In recent years, MBA in Finance has seen some popularity amongst the candidates and colleges are incorporating new lesson plans which are based on current financial events. On the basis of QS 2020 Rankings, these are the top 5 best b-schools for MBA in Finance in India.

  1. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

  2. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

  3. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  4. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

  5. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

Scope of MBA in Finance:

Ishita N Solanki, the Manager of Global Partnerships at IIM Ahmedabad had once said in an interview to India Today, “Despite the recession and speculation, finance has remained one of our most popular courses under the general MBA programme across the IIMs.” Considering the fact that this interview was conducted in the year 2012 when things were pretty bad in the global economy, it speaks volumes about the importance of this discipline in the corporate world, no matter what the circumstances. It clearly shows the kind of scope there is for MBA in Finance if you do decide to pursue a career in finance.

The scope for students who study MBA in Finance is pretty diverse as you can assume all kinds of roles ranging from being an asset management executive to a financial advisor, an investment banker, a cost manager, a financial manager or anything else. There are plenty of opportunities in the government sector too. A financial manager with a good understanding of his subject is always in demand as it’s not just private entities, but government offices and public entities too that require adequate financing to sustain their operations.

Career Opportunities with an MBA in Finance:

Pursuing an MBA in Finance is not an easy course to opt for, it's the most challenging specialization in MBA. Post the completion of the course, a student will come across with lots of responsibilities, as he/she will be handling the entire finance department of an organization and implementing all the skills which he/she has gained during the period of their learning for the development of the organization.

While studying MBA in Finance a student will learn all the nitty-gritty of the financial sector. With this specialization, a student will gain all the financial knowledge, skills and ideas which is required for professional growth as well as it will open the door for various opportunities which are not only limited to private sectors but for the public sector as well. An MBA graduate in Finance can explore numerous fields within the finance sector such as:

Career opportunities

Pay Scale for MBA in Finance:

How much an MBA graduate with Finance earns yearly? Let’s take a look at some of the top colleges and how much they offer to MBA graduates with Finance.

T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal

25.6 LPA

(Highest Salary)

FORE School of Management, New Delhi

23.5 LPA

(Highest Salary)

Goa Institute of Management, Goa

27.83 LPA

(Highest Salary)

It will increase along with the knowledge and experience gained by the candidate.

Top Recruiters for an MBA in Finance:

Every student eagerly waits for the first break which will change everything. The very first opportunity which will boost the inner self of a candidate. A recruiter is the one, who helps a student while taking a jump from student life to professional life. In this field, there are top recruiters who will help students in taking that leap and building a successful career ahead. Following are the best recruiters for MBA in Finance.

  1. Ernst & Young Global Limited Liability Partnership

  2. HDFC Bank

  3. TATA Consultancy Services Limited 

  4. ICICI Bank 

  5. Goldman Sachs

  6. Morgan Stanley

  7. Boston Consulting Group

  8. Bain & Company

  9. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  10. McKinsey & Co.

Demand for MBA in Finance in the Industry:

The demand for an MBA in Finance has increased in the past years due to the economic crisis which countries are facing globally. Every organization is now planning to hire a good financial expert which will help them in boosting their company's economy. The vast scope of growth along with an impressive paycheck, in near future we will see more enthusiastic management professionals contributing to this field. In the Finance sector, an MBA graduate should have strong analytical skills and who enjoys playing with numbers.

If we talk about India, the demand is much higher for an MBA graduate with Finance. Being a developing country, we need to boost our economy, we need people who have expertise in building a stable economy and try to create more opportunities for the people. People with financial expertise can not only help in uplifting the economy but also will create more opportunities and can guide the government with better solutions regarding every economic problem.


MBA in Finance, a program which comes with various responsibilities. It has the ability to run and control an organization, without financial assistance nobody can survive in the industry. The course can play a significant role in shaping up an excellent career for someone who is passionate about the subject and loves the world of assets, funds, capital, wealth, money and the kind. On the whole, having a strong knowledge and expertise in the field will help in the smooth functioning of an organization and which will ultimately lead to a stable economy. 

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