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Published : Monday, 23 February, 2015 11:45 AM

The Cultural Wing of MICA, the school of ideas, is setting the stage to present its first edition of 'Yellow Umbrella Festival'- MICA's Annual Cultural Fest to be held on the 23rd, 24th and the 25th of February, 2015. The first of its kind, the Yellow Umbrella Festival - a culmination of music, art, theatre, and literature - shall put to test the intellectual, oratory, artistic and creative skills of the aspiring business graduates across the country. It is a platform for talent to compete among college fraternities while basking in the cultural heritage, spirits and the enigma that is ‘Counter Culture’; the theme for this year's edition.

Counter Culture is a movement, a belief, a thought, which leads us away from the everyday nuances and mundane routines.  In other words, it’s a celebration of everything that is not conformist. The Umbrella celebration under this theme is a ground where the spotlight will be on everybody from the craftsman, entertainer to the noiseless spectator of the diversion. A celebration of yellow for all the ways one can communicate - Culture. Literature. Music. Theater.

A myriad of exhilarating events are lined up with loads of exciting prizes to offer.

Day 1 will start with the inauguration ceremony followed by The Drum Circle, a movement founded by Mr. Rujul Vora, the first of its kind group in Ahmedabad along with other engaging events.

Day 2 will comprise of an ‘Author Speak’ by Bardwaj Rangarajan, Senior Deputy Editor at The Hindu and Winner of the National Film Award for ‘Best Film Critic’, who will share his valuable experiences with the participants. Anila Saldanha, PGP-1 said “We believe that meeting an author can have a profound impact on any literature aficionado, especially when given the chance to discuss the author’s best work.”

A Theatre Workshop by the renowned Quasar Padamsee, an artistic director of QTP & an active theatre director will follow this event. Along with the other members of QTP, Quasar Padamsee is the driving force behind the biggest youth theatre movement of India - Thespo. He was also featured in India Today as a one of Top 50 Game Changers in India.

The day will end with “The Monterey Epithet” where MTV Indies will present a performance by The Family Cheese.

The final day will witness the stage play competition, ‘Anavaran’. One can also watch teams battle it out to the finish line in events such as Movie Marketing, Alternate Story Telling while walking the catwalk with Raven, the fashion show competition. The grande finale will be Subway Glitch, a musical fusion of electronic artist, GAD and Jazz musician, Nigel Rajaratnam, who is a multi instrumentalist, singer and songwriter of Sri Lankan origin.

This 3-day extravaganza promises to be an eventful and unique experience for everyone who believes in the power of the arts as a proponent of change.

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