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If we talk about the one-year MBA private colleges offer in India, there are a handful of institutes that are counted amongst the best in the category. Some of these are XLRI, MDI, ISB, Great Lakes and SPIJMR. These are considered at par with the elite IIMs’ one year MBA programme, and can be broadly categorised into two kinds:

  • AICTE-approved institutes like MDI, XLRI and SPJIMR. Their one-year MBA programme is referred to as Executive PGDM. Similar programs offered by some UGC recognized universities such as Xavier University, Bhubaneswar also fall into this category.
  • Independent business schools like Great Lakes Chennai/Gurgaon, ISB Hyderabad and the kinds constitute this category. Their one-year MBA program, although not AICTE-approved, is really looked up to by the corporates.

One Year MBA – Private Colleges that Rule the Roost

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai

Duration – 15 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT
Fees – ₹ 17.88 lakh

SPJIMR’s one-year MBA was launched almost 10 years ago with the idea of providing different industries with middle management executives who were thought leaders. Theirs is an AICTE-approved fully residential programme preceded by 3 months’ off-campus web learning.

Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur

Duration – 15 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/XAT
Fees – ₹ 20 lakh

Previously referred to as GMP or General Management Programme, this one-year MBA offered by XLRI Jamshedpur requires students to have at least 5 years’ experience in fields like manufacturing, IT, automobile, power/energy, IT enabled services etc., shaping them into modern-day corporate warriors that have a human touch to their functioning.

Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

Duration – 15 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/CAT
Fees – ₹ 15.35 lakh

Popularly known as the National Management Programme (NMP), the one-year MBA programme of MDI Gurgaon started in the year 1987. The institute was in fact the pioneer in offering such fast-track MBA course. It focuses heavily on development of visionary leaders for the present-day constantly evolving business environment. The students develop the required competencies and skills to not just be a part of but lead the change in various industries. This course attracts talents from all kinds of geographies, cultures and industries.

Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad

Duration – 15 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/XAT/CAT
Fees – ₹ 15 lakh

A full-time and AICTE-approved one-year MBA programme offered by IMT Ghaziabad is also AACSB accredited, and is targeted at high performing professionals that have ample work experience under their belt. The students who take up this programme emerge as well-groomed executives who can easily assume general management roles, maintaining focus on service, with a global orientation. The programme comprises of 6 innovative modules – foundation, internationalisation, functional, integration, customisation and dissertation.

Great Lakes, Gurgaon, Chennai

Duration – 12 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 2 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/CMAT/XAT/CAT
Fees – ₹ 18.94 lakh

The focus of one-year MBA offered by Great Lakes Chennai and Gurgaon is transformation of high potential professionals into business managers who are highly competent and can make critical decisions with ease. All through their full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management, there’s plenty of emphasis on value-based management, inclusivity principles, teamwork and competency development, to create business-ready managers who are always ready to respond to complex challenges offered by the present day businesses.

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

Duration – 12 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/X-GMT/XAT/CAT
Fees – ₹ 16 lakh

Specifically tailored towards already existing managers and working executives, aspiring to evolve into business leaders of tomorrow, the one-year MBA offered by Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is a full-time Executive MBA programme. It provides just the right kind of opportunity to the working professionals to develop the required skills for assuming senior management positions in the future, without causing any interruption in their present professional career.

International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi

Duration – 15 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/XAT/CAT
Fees – ₹ 11 lakh

One of the oldest MBA institutes in New Delhi, IMI came into being in the year 1984, and offers a 15-month PGDM (Executive) programme designed specifically for middle level managers keen on taking up leadership positions in the industry.

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai

Duration – 12 months
Min. Work Ex. Reqd. – 5 years
Scores accepted – GMAT/XAT/CAT
Fees – ₹ 10 lakh

NITIE, Mumbai offers a full-time one-year residential MBA programme known as PGPEX-VLFM (Post Graduate Programme for Experienced Professionals – Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing). The course is offered in collaboration with IIT Delhi, with students studying at both the institutions. The idea of the programme is to create professionals who’ll be able to drive the upcoming manufacturing renaissance in the country.

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