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It Is Wiser To Find Out Than To Suppose

It Is Wiser To Find Out Than To Suppose

WAT Topic for MBA 2022

WAT is the Written Ability Test for MBA admission into top B-Schools and IIMs all around India.

  • Are you done writing your CAT (MAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT) exam?
  • Are you waiting for the call from your dream college?

It’s time to convert those dreams into reality. If you have cleared the cutoff for your favorite college, you must start preparing for MBA WAT Essays and polishing your writing skills. The Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and all top B-Schools conduct a writing ability test (WAT) or Academic Writing Test (AWT) to check your – General Awareness and Language Skills

The popular IIM WAT Topics 2022 are mostly related to social issues, current affairs, and business and the economy. MBA Rendezvous has listed all the burning WAT Topics for MBA 2022 that can be asked in the WAT round and the Key WAT Tips or information to keep in mind while preparing and appearing for the round. Checkout the  Writing Ability Test Sample and popular writing ability test topics for 2022.

Since post MBA entrance exams, most of IIMs and Top MBA Institutes are conducting WAT ( Written Abiity Test ) to check language skills which can't be developed overnight hence, practice matters a lot. 

Please read following topic on WAT and develop your own skills : It Is Wiser To Find Out Than To Suppose

A dreamer would live in the world of fantasy and imagination. A realist, practical man will put facts over fiction and assumptions. The choice is yours- to be a dreamer who is removed from the real world or to be a practical man who wants to strive and become successful in the real world itself. If you are going to choose the latter, better start going by facts rather than assumptions, because assumptions can be proved wrong, whereas facts are facts and will remain unchanged. 

In the real world, with its competition and struggles, it is wiser to make no assumptions but to find the truth for yourself. One really can’t depend on anyone in today’s highly competitive world. The only person worth trusting and depending on is YOU. Therefore, you need to trust what you see and hear rather than believe in conjectures and rumours. 

In the professional world, making assumptions can lead to your downfall. Rumours, gossip and hearsay are integral parts of any work place. All professionals must learn to deal with this. It is advisable to maintain your sense of objectivity and not get carried away by what others around you say. There are many who would try to exploit you by filling in your ears or by manipulation. Therefore, other than your trusted colleagues, do not trust anyone unless you are satisfied. Dig deep and extract the truth yourself. 

A sensible man will always ascertain facts before arriving at a judgement. He will not rely on gossip and rumours but will take the pain of looking for the truth himself. This attitude is particularly useful when you are in a decision- making position, such as senior executives, managers and the like. Given the kind of responsibility that rests on their shoulders, they need to be sure of the facts and conduct a thorough investigation before arriving at a decision. This is because their decision might have a bearing on many other people and stakeholders. Therefore, they cannot afford to base their judgements on assumptions and suppositions. 

Another reason why you should assume is because assumptions contain a sense of uncertainty. What you assume may or may not come out to be true. Unless assumptions are backed by evidence, they remain nothing more than hypothesis. A hypothesis backed by reasonable evidence, which proves the truth of the hypothesis beyond all doubts, becomes a fact. But for this to happen, you will have to make the effort of gathering the evidence. This is, in fact, a defining trait of successful people, occupying high positions. 

Thus, in this highly competitive world, a single mistake can cost you a fortune. You don’t have the space to base your judgments and decisions on rumours and assumptions and later try to cover it up. Therefore, it is better for you to uncover the facts and be sure of what you plan to do rather than get waylaid by people around you.  

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