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Always Reason with Logic to Master ‘Logical Reasoning’

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Always Reason with Logic to Master ‘Logical Reasoning’

The ‘Logical Reasoning’ sections in any MBA entrance exams is one of the most dreaded areas for many a students. The section is designed to test a candidate’s ability to draw or make conclusions, inferences, deductions, judgements and patterns based on a premise, facts, assumptions and arguments. There could be a lot of ambiguity in such terms. Let us help you understand how you can master this section.

What is Logical Reasoning

Logic is a set of ‘available’ facts or reasons that help you come to a conclusion.

Reasoning is the process of thinking through a problem based on the given premise.

Thus logical reasoning is the process of taking into consideration a set of facts or patterns and analyse them using your logical, verbal and mathematical ability and logically to come to a solution.

From a management entrance test point of view, you are tested on the following areas:

  1. Critical Reasoning
  2. Decision Making
  3. Arrangements
  4. Codes
  5. Syllogism
  6. Input-Output
  7. Relationships & Analogies
  8. Games

Types of Logical Reasoning Questions

Critical Reasoning

Most often you will have questions which are argument based and you will need to infer from them. An argument will have fact(s), some conclusions based on it and some assumptions may be given.

Decision Making

There are certain questions that are based on a particular situation/scenario and you are provided with multiple paths. You need to analyse the situation based on the premise given to you and judge/identify the best possible path you need to take. There could be single or multiple questions for a particular set.


You definitely get questions on seating arrangement- linear and/or circular. Practice as many examples as you can. Using a diagrammatic approach is best while solving such questions.


There would be some questions based on a alpha numeric codes. These are usually a scoring part.


This is also one of the popular types of question. It can be solved using deductive reasoning. Based on a set of fact, a major and minor premise is presented and conclusion needs to be drawn. Best is to make a Venn diagram and solve such questions. Expect at least 1 question of this type.


These questions are a based out on a set of inputs that are given and you need to identify the pattern and derive the steps to reach a logical output. You need to use Inductive Reasoning where you must make a pattern, generalise and extrapolate the result.

Relationship & Analogies

Questions on blood relations are which can be either based on linear relationships or based on family trees. Analogies are basically questions where you need to find similarity/relationship between pairs based on a given set of relationship already presented.


This is a popular question area. Usually questions on games like hockey or football are asked. Also cards based questions may be asked.

Please refer to Study Material for LR to get more information.

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